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i made a front bumper but i really don't get how to mount it

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i took off my stock bumper and I'm looking how it mounted and its just through some skinny metal how do i mount it so it is alot stronger and i can winch with it? any help would be great I'm getting a friend to mount it for me hopfully tomo if i get the info i need pictures would be great also =)

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Tap? no. Drill? maybe. I used 2 of the steering box holes and one empty through-hole on the drivers side. On the passengers side I used 2 existing holes and drilled one. There are kits out there that will do pretty much the same job. The company name escapes me at the moment.



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This is what I did on the driver side.


- The front two bolts are 1/2" grade 8. They go through the same holes as the front bolts of the stock bumper bracket. Get rid of those psuedo captured nut things and use regular nuts on the back side.


- The next bolt is metric. It is the rear bolt from the stock bumper bracket. This attaches to a nut welded to the inside of the unirail.


- The next three are the steering box bolts. This accomplishes the same thing as a C-Rok or TNT steering box brace by spreading out the forces over a much larger area.


- The last bolt is grade 8 through an existing hole in the unirail. I think it is 5/8" - basically as big as I could fit through that hole.


Here is the passenger side. Besides the steering box bolts, it uses the same holes as the driver side.


If you plan on using the bumper for recovery or a winch you need to at least use the three stock bumper bracket bolts, run the bracket along the unirail, and use the large bolt through the rear at minimum.


I also tied the brackets into the sway bar mounts on both sides.



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