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What Seats?

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I am looking to replace the bench seat in my lwb MJ with some buckets. I was wondering what seats people are running, and what sort of brackets needed to be made to make them work. It seems that XJ buckets would be a no brainer, but I would like to see other options as well.


If i do end up going with the XJ buckets, will the center console work as well?


Thanks in advance,



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Power seats out of a early 90's Chrysler New Yorker

Leather Seats out of the same era Lebaron

No pics of it in the truck, by the time we got done all the cutting and test fitting it was kind of dark. I cut the bases off of an MJ's bench and bolted them onto the power tracks using 1/4" plates and grade 8 bolts i picked up at tractor supply. The seats themselves are a little wider and a tight fit. I wanted a higher seating position, but i think it's too high. I'm 6' tall and there isn't much head clearance. If i decide to keep the seats, i'll probably have to have some custom base mounts made and i'll probably have it all welded together for some peace of mind.


I probably would have abandoned the project a while back but the seats were cheap and they match my door panels exactly.

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