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AX15 Identification

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Guys I'm fixing to take a look at an 88 XJ 5speed 4.0 4wd in my area and wanted help on identifying the transmission. I'm looking to do a 2wd to 4wd swap and need an AX15. I couldnt find any year/model production numbers to determine what it should be and I doubt the owner knows. Is there an identification plate like on the tcase? What should I be looking for?





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Courtesy of Pete...here are examples of both.

The BA10/5 is on the right in the big picture. It is much slimmer than the AX-15 and the case splits in half right down the middle from front to back. I have never seen an "ID" plate / tag on them anywhere...you just have to learn what they look like and figure it out ;) :thumbsup: .


This identification thread is also in the DIY forum... http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/view ... =9&t=11699



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Is there a difference between a 4wd ax15 and an 2wd ax15?


Cause I was entertaining the idea of swaping one in place of my aw4 4x4 4.0, I know there are other things I would need to consider

about the swap, but just wondering.. cause there is one in my area for like $50, with bell housing, clutch and flywheel and I'm not shy about tearin in to her, for a rebuild, if I could use it... also maybe you know off hand any threads regarding the topic.. I've done a few searches seems to come up with much...

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Yes...the two wheel drive will look like the ones in the big picture with the long cone shape on the rear. The 4WD will look like the smaller pictures with just a flat surface on the back where the t-case bolts up.


Just wanna add to that, that you cannot simply swap the rear case to make the 2wd one a 4wd, the output shaft is different.

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