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Help this guy win some new shoes! (really, shoes)


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See the link to NAXJA for the info.


Basically it is a photo contest and his pic is pretty good. The winner get a 1 year supply of shoes. His pic is doing pretty good too. But, his competitor has people voting 5 for his and putting 1s on everyone eles's pics. Hook the dude up!




I get nothing from this, I am just trying to help a Jeeper out.

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Yea I just read that in his post, it would be pretty cool to get 12 pair of shoes for free.


The thing that sucks about this is that it no longer has anything to do with who has the better picture its now all about who has more clout on the Internet and who can convince more people that they should win not necessarily because their pic is better but just from the fact that they asked so many people to vote for them.


I don't know, just my 2 cents.



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