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two brake lines to rear of the truck......???

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Ok, my rear brake lines are rusty...def. need to replace them....so take a look at them, there are two, one that runs to the wacky load leveling valve. Can I eliminate the this and what would the procedure be to do so when I replace the rear brake line.... Much appreciated in advance.....Thanks

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If you plan to ditch the rear height-sensing valve, you MUST remove one of the two lines from the front. Specifically, you keep the one out of the "nose" of the front metering block, and you remove the one coming out of the bottom of the metering block and plug that outlet.


This has been written up in several different threads on here. I know it's impolite to greet a new guy with "Try using SEARCH," but I don't have any of those threads bookmarked because I already know what needs to be done and how to do it. So rather than me search it for you, I'll simply recommend that you search it out. It's here, along with a lot of other useful info about MJ brakes.

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