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d44 driveshaft or not...

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I recently swapped a d44 into my MJ and was able to use my old d35 driveshaft that is a bit longer that the d44 driveshaft. Now this set up works although the slip yoke at the t-case end is almost all the way in - I think it will be ok because the rear end travels backwards because of the rear shackels - I have been driving it like this for a few weeks with no issues but I'm wondering if somene else has experience this swap and if they kept the d35 shaft. anyone?

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I did the same with my 90. But then within a mile of driving I developed a bad leak out the tailshaft. Don't know if it was related or not, but I swapped in a driveshaft from a AW-4 MJ just for good measure (the AW-4 is an inch longer than my manual trans and so the driveshaft is an inch shorter).

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