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Looking for Fuel injector seals

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Does anyone know if the parts stores sell replacement fuel injector seals? Any other options for replacement. These are the bigger orings at the top of the injector that go into the fuel rail. Most of the places are closed today (Sunday). I did call Advance and they thought it would be a special order. I have a Napa, Auto Value, and Carquest nearby.



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Thanks for the info, they looked different on each end but that's probably from years of sitting. I called Carquest and they said they have a set. If not, I will check NAPA tomorrow.


On the fuel supply line connection, how does the oring get mounted?

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I work at NAPA and yes we can get the small seals for the quick connect


injector seals top and bottem


line code CRB #2-12093 and MPF #3-12085


and the small o-ring on the inlet and outlet is


Line code BK # 605-1341 it is a kit of misc o-rings and even has a few of the injector o-rings too ( this dose NOT have the plastic spacer ! )

also the BK 730-4912 may also have the o-rings but I do not have it in stock to make sure

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Does anyone know off hand how many quick releases there are? for the fuel lines, and for the tranny lines?


Brent, are the ones for the tranny lines the same price?

There should be three for the fuel lines...two on the rail and one down a little lower on the left side of the engine I believe.


I'll have to check on a price for the ones on the tranny as I know they are different.

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