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I love the "best of" catagory at craigslist

Pete M

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Those can't all possibly be for real...can they?


Very hilarious, but this may be the death of craigslist as we know it..




8. STONERS ARE THE BEST. I love stoners. I didn't fully realize what a wonderful contribution they are to society until I started working here. If YOU, dear surfer-boy stoner showed up here after a long shift, I would marry you. You guys are so grateful for anything because you're soooo hungry. You are just amazed that a delivery kitchen delivers, that a pizza place makes pizza, and that we can even throw pepperoni on that. Half the time, you forget you ordered, so when our delivery guy shows up, it's like getting to actually SEE Santa filling the Christmas stockings. On a budget? I'll send you extra coupons. We should all be more like stoners. Sweet. Dude.


Finally someone who understands us! :chillin: :cheers:

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Pete, thanks for nothing jackass! Now you've added another meaningless, time-consuming internet addiction to my life. As if CC and eBay did not take enough of my free time.


I stopped at the My Women one. Hilarious but also pretty cool at the end.



But it's an entertaining meaningless, time-consuming internet addiction. :D


And I'm betting most are more funny than true.

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