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new Comanche owner, questions

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Have a 90, long bed, silver, AT, 2wd Comanche Pioneer. Bought it 2 days ago, 188K, runs excellent!


The good: Straight body, very minor surface rust, no dents, interior near perfect.


The bad: Wipers run slow and struggle. That's it.


Questions: Can I take the tires off my 2000 Cherokee (4.0, 4wd, AT) and swap them with the Comanche?


Great site here, will be a daily visitor!!

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For the wipers, you might try removing the linkage, lubing it, and replacing the nylon bushings. Somebody did a write-up on that within the past month or 6 weeks, I think.


Wheel lug pattern and stock tire size for the MJ is the same as for the XJ, so you can certainly put your Cherokee tires and wheels on the Comanche.

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....or you just need a new/used wiper motor. new ones are out there for as little as $50.


fyi, there are a couple of guys on here who are parts specialists for Jeep dealers. one is BLHTAZ and the other, :oops: , I don't remember his screen name but hopefully he will identify himself. Point being, they are your best source, IMHO, to check for factory availability of parts first, if that is important to you, and will extend you the best discount they can if you buy. simply put, they are an awesome resource and great guys who try to help whenever they can.


oh, and welcome.......beers in the fridge! :cheers:


post pictures!!!!

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I just looked up the wiper assembly for another member a couple days ago. The only way it can be had through the dealership is in a complete assembly that includes the motor and all linkage if the linkage is what is needed. We can get a remanufactured motor for them without the linkage though.


Here is the weird part...


- Reman Motor = $195 CC member cost + $20 core -- ($240 retail)

- Link assembly with motor = $175 CC member cost -- ($250 retail)

---both prices are plus shipping of course--


The problem being...the motor is still no problem to get, but it's reman so there will be a $20 core charge on it. The linkage is not available out of any of my warehouses and only a few dealers around the country show to have it so if anyone is interested, please let me know your location and I will see if there is a dealer near you that may have the linkage. :cheers:

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