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Transfer case bearing replace

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I didn't get to work on the bumper yet.

Noticed a nasty leak at rear transfer case seal.

I thought it would be easier to remove the extension

and do the seal on the bench.It was.While it was apart,

I noticed the rear main shaft bearing is corroded,has play,

and is noisy.

It appears to be held in with a snap ring on the mainshaft.

Is that all,or is it pressed onto the shaft or into the

rear housing.Which does unbolt,btw.

In other words,can I replace it myself,under the truck?

Thanks,as always.

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remove rear tail housing (done aready)

remove c-clip/snap-ring

unbolt secondary output cover. yes, you will need to drain the t-case, and yes it is going to be a bit leaky.


from there, just pop the bearing out and pop the new one in. there may be a snap ring on the bearing on the inside of the output of the case (if you follow what i just said) but not sure...


i just rebuilt an np242 t-case and will tell you that this is the easiest way to do this.


the bearing will slide right off the output shaft as you pull the secondary output case.

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A little fyi for you all.


I finally got around to replacing that bearing.

When I rmoved the housing it's in,some pretty

big chunks of metal fell out of it. :roll:

Apparently the worn bearing allowed the

mainshaft to move enough that the oil pump

gerotor hit the side of the aluminum case it's

inside of,the case broke when the gerotor broke,

the pieces luckily all fell in that bearing housing

and not into the geartrain.

So the bearing job got a little more involved.

The only problem I see is getting the oil pump

pickup tube back on the pump as I assemble


So if you notice a little play in the rear

transfer case bearing,don't put off replacing it.

Hopefully I got lucky.


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