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puke shifter

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Does anyone have a breakdown of the shifter from the puke??

I have started to replace my shifter, but it seems theres some sort of bushing missing..

Thanks in advanced....




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This help? That's all that's in my manual regarding the BA10 shifter.


Image Not Found



lol the only thing I recognize in that one Don, is #'s 5 & 7... :cheers:


I figured it it anyways... There were two washer/shim/rings that I was putting on top of a tall round metal bushing (about the size of a paint can lid) instead of under the bushing... Kinda ran out of daylight, so Ill finsh trying to fit the ghetto roof pipe boot flashing I'm using as a make-shift lower shifter boot later! :D


But thanks Don.. You the man! :thumbsup:


jamminz.gif :cheers: :D 8)

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