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LB vs SB leafs, difference?

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I got a D44 to throw under my truck, I figure that I may as well go spring over while swapping it in. the leaf packs on my truck (long bed) are kinda saggy, I have a set off my old parts truck (short bed) and another set off my brother in laws truck (short bed). so are the long and short bed leafs the same? does anyone see any problems with going spring over using used short bed packs on a long bed?




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Shortbed and longbed are the same.


2wd and 4wd are not. (2wd sits 1" lower)


Big Ton vs regular are not (Big Ton are stiffer)



Personally I would use the better packs but take the main leaf out of the old packs , cut the eyes off, and sneak it right under the main in the new pack. It helps support the main leaf and helps combat spring-wrap.


http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL91/512 ... 173844.jpg

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