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Swapped column shift to floor shift along with guage swap.Everything went well,swapped tranny cable too. Problem now is the tranny as no get up and go while in drive,like bypassing 1st and 2nd gear,nor will it kick down while in drive. If I take off in 1-2,the get up and go is there. Haynes manual mentions something about adjusting TV linkage. Does this sound right? Thought it would be simple swap. Column shifter and tranny was in park when I swapped,hooked up floor shifter while in park. Am I missin something? Thanx for any input. ko

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Your heading in the right direction ;)


The TV cable sounds like your problem, and it runs from the "inside" of the AW4 up to the throttle body bracket.


the TV will keep the tranny in 1st or 2nd, and no kickdown.


Here'sA link to the adjustment of the TV cable........it's really easy, almost self adjustment.


The only other thing to check would be the wire connectors to the tranny, you night have knock one loose while changing the cables. And check the AW4 box on the back side of the kick panel for a loose connection.

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Thanx wildman, Why would the tv linkage need to be adjusted?What did I do to change that? With that Q asked, I could have quite possibly knocked wiring loose, will check, and you say that the aw4 box is behind kick panel? Thanx again


If Wildman Bob is talking about the Transmission Control Unit (TCU = AW4 box), it's tucked up under the lower dash panel on the passenger's side. I doubt you would have disturbed that, but there is an inline fuse in the wiring harness that connects to it that you might have blown that will affect the AW4 shifting and possibly kickdown.

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the Transmission Control Unit (TCU = AW4 box)


Yea.......that thing ^


My description was not too good....... :oops:


Long day = Typing suffers :nuts:


But......Glad you got the problem solved :thumbsup:


I do always like the 'easy' fixes :brows:

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