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anyone have a swb 4.0 with SYE?

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need to know driveshaft length of


automatic (aw4)


np231 t-case with slip-yoke eliminator

dana 44 rear


I haven't installed my transmission transfercase or rear axle yet, and won't have time before the weekend...I will however be getting it all done by saturday.


anyways, i need to run to the junkyard before saturday as I don't have a car this weekend, and pick up hopefully the proper driveshaft.


so, if you have this I'd like to know the length of your SYE shaft, and how you measured it.





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Hey Pat,


I might be able to help you out here BUT, my setup runs an AX-15 in the place of your AW4. Everything else is the same (SWB/4.0L/AX-15/SYE NP-231/D44)


I got a rough measurement of the setup I had in the truck before I went out and bought the shaft. I wasn't going to change my lift, just swap out the rear axle and SYE the T-Case. So I measured the differences between my old C 8.25 and D-44 snouts and the differences on the T-case (I had already done the SYE to one that I had as a spare so I could still drive the truck with the old stock unit, so I had the before and afters easily available to take measurements on) and then went to the yard. I came up with a length of around 50" would be more than plenty for what I needed.


They had a driveshaft bus there so that made my search easy, however, it also kept me from knowing what the shaft that I used came off of. I have good faith that the shaft came from a Ford product as it used a 1330 U-Joint. I left the one end at this size and got a conversion joint (Precision 353) to fit it. The other end I hacked off and welded my new 1310 CV joint on (it was a 3" tube). I got all of the parts (Spicer 1310 joints, CV yoke and the CV end) for the shaft at the junkyard and I used an H Yoke I bought on another shaft (They used to build shafts and they still sell the parts). Remember to scribe the driveshaft (both sides) between the joints before you cut. It makes it really easy to realign everything this way.


Here are some pics (This is what I got from the yard):







And your last bit of info for the shaft:


Mine is 45" long Compressed and 49" long Extended. This measurement is from the Very Very end of the H Yoke to the Center of the U-joint on the axle end. So, you could get by with a shaft that is a few inches shorter when it is compressed because you will be welding on the whole CV assembly and thus adding length to the shaft.




Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.


- Brent

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