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I said it, didn't I say it? I was sure I had a vacuum leak that was causing my 89 to run fast and rich and this afternoon after work I got in there and was determined to find out why that sucker ran at 1700 rpm and the exhaust made yer eyes water.


Well I found three leaks just in the line from the throttle body to the MAP sensor. I repaired those and OMG the truck runs smooth as glass and the exhaust doesn't kill the dog next door even tho I wish it would.


Next is troubleshooting the A/C which is a story all its own but at least I beleive this truck will pass an emissions test now. jamminz.gif


Oh ya also I removed all the front end trim like grill, headlight bezels, hood trim etc and painted it all blck and cut off all the busted up lower valance plastic and it looks sooo much bedda. A dude from Boulder is coming out tomorrow to buy the 2" wheel spacers off it so I guess a lift and 31's is coming soon eh? :brows:

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Are you still having that issue with not being able to rely in threads?


So far everythings workin ok ever since I lobotomized the hard drive and reloaded all my operation system and stuff. That was really P'in me off but no problems now. Anyone else report the same symptoms?

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