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setting up for SYE with SOA? can i drive front shaft only?

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87 comanche shortbed auto 4x4 conversion with slip yoke eliminator.


I may not have a rear driveshaft right away, so I'm thinking of just driving it FWD only for a week or so since it won't leak.


can I do this without wrecking stuff? what kind of speeds can I run? I only need to make a few half hour trips with it over the week from the 22-28...I am volunteering at fair all week and will be staying overnight for the most of it so won't necessarily be putting miles on it.

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I've drove with just a front shaft because I "had to" to get home from wheeling. Would I do it if I didn't have to? NOPE! Will you be ok? Probably. With the SYE you at least won't worry about leaking any fluid out the rear output.


One recommendation though... don't drive with just a front shaft in the pea-gravel at the Badlands to take a "short cut" back to camp. YOU WILL GET STUCK! :roll:



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Take it easy and accelerate slowly and you should be fine. I have done it too. You get AWEFULL torque steer if its lifted, but its OK.


Think grandma/grandpa Sunday going to church driving.

;) :roll: :eek: :D




hehe, it's ok...it's auto so i fully expect it to be slow ;) (can you tell I usually prefer manual?...)

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