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Transfer case skid plate

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My apologies if I already asked this in the past, as my memory is pretty bad.


Does an XJ transfer case skid plate fit an MJ without modification? If not, how much modification would be needed if at all possible?


Not looking for one *right now*, but thinking about the future as my gas tank and transfer case are like sitting ducks under there.

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yes, they are the exact same skid....but there are differences between a 231 and a 242 skid. They both bolt in the same, but the 242 is bent a tad differently, to accomodate the larger case. You can use a 242 skid under a 231 no problem (it'll just hang a bit lower), but you may have issues trying to use a 231 skid under a 242.


I did a writeup when I installed the skid on mine, I'll see if I can find it and post the link. If yours didn't come with a skid initially, the holes for the mounting bolts will be there on the tranny Xmember and the framerail, but the nutserts won't be installed. You can use a self-tapper on the framerail and conjure up something for the tranny crossmemeber bolts if you want. I opted to swap crossmembers and installed a nutsert in the framerail when I did mine.



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We've found that some years pre '90 have the factory cross-member moved forward based on what motor/tranny combo they have. If your cross-member uses the front 2 sets of holes the factory t-case skid will not line up with the holes for the frame rail nutserts.


If you have an auto (AW4) your fine no matter what motor. If you have a stick it will be based on what motor and what tranny you have.

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