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Ok well I forgot to order the pitman arm for my jeep when I was ordering all the other parts. After getting the suspension hooked up and the adjustable track bar with track bar drop bracket into place. I thought what the heck lets just hook the drag link to the pitman arm. And they look pretty parallel to me. So don’t flame on me guys but do I really need a drop pitman arm. I know they make them for some reason. I’m assuming if I don’t get one I won’t be able to align it properly. :nuts:

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Drop pitman arms should ONLY be used if you're lowering the trackbar mount on the frame, or raising it on the axle, otherwise it will cause bumpsteer. The whole belief that you need a drop pitman arm with a lift has been perpetuated from the days of leaf sprung vehicles without trackbars. On these vehicles you wanted to keep the angle of the draglink as flat as possible to minimize bumpsteer. On vehicles with a trackbar (like on your MJ), you want to keep the draglink as parallel to the trackbar as possible to minimize bumpsteer. A dropped pitman arm will also increase the amount of torque/axial loading on the shaft your steering box experiences.
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