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Backbone bumper

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If you want your bumper fast don't go with the Ridgco one. I ordered a rear bumper for my XJ from Terry and after 9 months of waiting I finally got tired of the wait and canceled my order. Maybe he's gotten things done to less of a wait, but if he's still the way I think he is and willing to talk to ya on the phone for 2+ hours I know what it takes him so long to get bumpers done. 8)


Great guy, even greater product, but don't expect to get your bumper in a timely fashion. If your willing to way I'd highly recommend his products.



As far as the Detour's; Mark is a great guy to work with. For the $$ though I'd put it towards a full bumper and not a winch mount setup. The stock bumper won't' take much abuse and as difficult of a job as it is to cut the stock one's I think it would get old doing so to replace your bent up factory bumper.



Just my penny and a half worth...

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I have the detours product. GREAT very well made product.

I actually got one of the first "new" redesigned units and LOVE it. I haven't gotten around to building my bumper from/with it but the mount as a "backbone" is second to none!!


I drove right down and picked mine up and met the man. Nice guy!!



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I got a RigidCO. I have had for about 2 yrs now. The bumper looks great and has taken some serious abuse :eek: I am making my own on the Turd.. just cause the rigid co bumper really affects your approach angle. (it might be any of the aftermarket bumpers though) a few times I had to bump a rock so I could get my tires on the obstacle

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