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AC recharge

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If you do not have the proper tools, take it to a shop. At minimum, you need a manifold gauage set and if your system is completely discharged, you will need the ability to vacuum the system first before you can charge it.


If your system is low or empty, then there is a leak somewhere that also needs to be found as an AC system does not just get low on refrigerant for no reason.

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:agree: With Brent, that one project that's best left up to the pro's. The equipment is $$$ the parts are $$$$ and unless you have the equipment and knowage, in the long run, the shop will be less money.


If you just want a quick fix, you can spend $40+ for a retro kit and use the adapter on the low side port, and suck some 134a into the system. How long that will last :dunno:

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Friend of mine has the manifold and gauges. There is some refrigerant in the system, but not enough to cool.


I've used retro kits before with some success. Though they never cool as good as either the factory R12 or R134A. But its better than sweltering. But then, I'm not driving it, my teen daughter is. I ain't driving it wit Hello Kitty crap all over it...


The setup on the 90 XJ is different than other systems I've recharged. I've got the 88 manual that circules around the web, but it doesn't seem to cover whats under my hood.

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