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Shiptool.com - Shipping Cost Comparison


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Saw this on Lifehacker.com the other day...Since a lot of us do shipping back and forth with parts and whatnot (some of which are heavy), You can use Shiptool.Com to find the lowest cost carrier for whatever your sending (with all the various speed options). You enter From and To City/State/Zip, the Shipping Weight and Dimensions and it will spit out all the different prices for the different carriers based for all speeds (with cheapest listed first). You can then select the one you want and it takes you to that vendors site. Only includes UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx, but that should cover a majority of the "normal" stuff.




Thought it was kind of cool and might save someone a couple bucks sending me parts (anyone have NICE Grey MJ Bucket Seats and a Grey Full Console? :D )



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