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Found 3 results

  1. In my formidable years, my father always told us boys, that you will never own a motorcycle or a Jeep Wrangler. He considered that those two motorized vehicles were death traps. God rest your soul, Dad. Today, I placed a down payment on a 2005, Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon. It is bone stock, yes the body sheet metal has typical rust, but its frame/skeleton and running gear, are in great condition. The soon to be, previous owner took very good care of it and each time that it was driven on salty roads, they would put it through an automatic car wash/undercarriage wash. It was their DD, but it also was always garage kept. Spring of 2020, I will address each rusty area, individually and eventually, nip those problems in the bud. I will also Fluid Film its undercarriage and keep it coated, throughout time. Every option, works as it should. 6-speed manual, 4.0 liter with 107k miles on it. Plus all of the typical equipment, that you will find on a Rubicon. It will remain to be, strictly my DD. No mods, within the foreseeable future. My MJ gets all of the attention. So here, I present you to the '11th Hour' Yes, that its name. It was listed on Facebook Marketplace, for 11 hours, before I discovered it. Also, in reference to, Matthew 20: 1-16. It is my wish to apply bible verses, that mean something to me, on its white body panels in decals and it will be GDZ Jeep.
  2. I have 4 different jeep model parts for sale. Keep in your mind not everything is for sale u see in pic for example I don't sell engine, transmission, transfer case, drive shafts and few other but just ask on what parts u need or want, i won't bite u! Lol. location in Wayne, WV. 25570 Note: make a offer on every parts I priced. Start with Comanche MJ SOLD $25 + shipping come with both mirrors $100 each 3/4 gauge both are speedo cable Cab vent $25 each or 2 for $40 Radio out of 87 MJ Male and female connector include $100 Both are driver side, little damaged but overall pretty good shape $50 each 1-SOLD 1-Available Silver dash $75 SOLD All for $50 SOLD Solid rear window $40 pick up or $40 plus shipping Clock $25 each all been tested and work! $75 pick up only As u see in picture there is stain, but no tear/rip or hole. It have headrest! Now for XJ parts out one is 96 and one is 98 police pkg, there isnt much police pkg parts left. I was told that Police pkg have LSD in Dana 35. Any parts u don't see in picture just ask thanks PM for parts u need and i will give u the price. Driver side taillight $20 + shipping $30 each + shipping HVAC control $30 + shipping $20 + shipping Factory radio $20 + shipping Now for 99 WJ 4.0 parts Radiator $30 + shipping Cluster $50 + shipping More pic of WJ For TJ $20 + shipping Came out 89 XJ TCM $50 + shipping Misc. parts for most model Wheel cap $25 + shipping SOLD- 3.5" lift coil spring I believe it Rusty brand $50 + shipping
  3. This is the Rubicon Wrangler I traded the old 89 MJ varmint for. Physically I'm having trouble getting in this damn thing now so I'm selling it. It is a virtually rust free Wrangler so give me a call if you're around Colorado. enough people here know who I am. Last time I look posting pictures here was a big pain in the @$$ you needed a image hosting site to enter the URL for each one well I'm not freaking doing that so if you want to see pictures go to the Craigslist ad and look at them there plus all the info is there about the Jeep. https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/rubicon-wrangler-for-sale/6599127556.html 156k miles $10k
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