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Found 4 results

  1. After over 5 years without a parking brake I finally bit the bullet and pulled the pedal assembly out in an attempt to fix it. I'm not the first guy to document fixing one of these but I took a little different approach and wanted to share my method and progress with y'all. I didn't take any pictures of the slop the pedal had in it before, but you could shift the pedal left to right with your toe and it would release at random... no bueno for a parking brake :rotf: I had to remove the fuse block to get to the bolt at the top right of the pedal; on top of that the nut (welded to the body under the fender) broke free and I had to call in some reinforcements to help get it out. Once the drama was over I hosed the whole thing off with some brake clean and ground these two rivet heads off; After these two are free all the individual pieces can be separated and inspected;
  2. I just bought a new MJ that I'm pretty excited about. I drove it home the other night, went to park it in my driveway, and noticed the parking brake is stuck pressed down, won't come back up, and the cable is not attached to it. I havent had much time to mess with it. Anyone know what could be the issue? This has to be fixed soon, because its a standard, and almost everywhere I park is on a hill. For the time being I'm leaving it in gear, and chocking the wheels.
  3. Hi everyone, I just picked up a 1991 comanchw with the 2.5L 4 speed manual. Its a nice little truck and I am trying to make it work as a daily driver. So making everything back to stock options on things. I have been seeing that some parts are not offered anymore and I am wondering if anyone can be of help. I currently need a parking brake release latch and cable. I would also like to replace the parking brake lever assembly, as I know those get worn down and let go. Can anyone provide a source for these? Or have one to sell? I have already looked at ebay without luck. Anything will be appreciated. Thanks Victor
  4. I have a 1989 shortbed, and the E-brake cable has snapped. It's snapped in the front, almost right where it connects to the pedal. It is still clamped in place by something so i can't just pull it out from the equalizer side. i looked in my manual for the MJ and all it had was the procedure to do the rear part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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