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Found 6 results

  1. Selling a headliner, its red and faded but in good shape. Comes with the plastic visor brackets that screw into the roof. This is what I did... If you go to JoAnn fabrics they sell exact mimic headliner material and special headliner glue. At my local JoAnns, they sell grey, black, tan r red. It ISN'T that expensive! It'll make this headliner look brand new again. $100, plus shipping. SOLD Have 2 sets of B-Pillar lights, both work as they should. $60, plus shipping SOLD I have 2 sets of chrome drop rails for the exterior above both windows. They are straight and in good shape. $35 per set, plus shipping SOLD Lastly I'm getting rid of the interior trim piece that attaches to the back wall below the rear glass. Its grey. $30, plus shipping I accept PayPal payments. Message me and I will respond as soon as I can.
  2. Hi, looking for a headliner for my Comanche build. I have heard conflicting reports on if I could simply take one from a junk yard Cherokee and cut it to size. Please let me know if anyone has a MJ specific headliner they would be willing to part with. Thanks!
  3. I am well into this project and need a headliner board and the trim pieces to get it closer. Thanks.
  4. I was ripping some parts out out my parts XJ and I noticed that the head liner is in pretty good shape, is there anyway to modify it to fit in to my MJ? Thanks in advance for any advise
  5. I am Steve Bennett with SMSheadliners and wanted to see if there would be any interests in a group buy for the custom made headliner panels I make for the jeep Comanche. I normally sell these for $135 which includes shipping. This offer would be good through the end of February. Groups of at least 5 would receive a 26% discount...total cost of $100 which includes shipping via USPS parcel post unless you live in a postal zone to where priority mail would be the same cost. If you are interested in this offer, reply to this posting with the color you need. After there are 5 member responses, I will pm you requesting an email address to send a PayPal invoice to. If you have questions or concerns, pm me and I will respond as soon as possible. If you have issues with PMs, email me direct at smsheadliners@windstream.net Let me also add that along with the custom made headliner you will also receive extra material for your sun visors so you can have them recovered locally. I do offer the recovering service if you want to ship me your sun visors, I can send them back with your headliner. I do charge $40 for the pair to recover sun visors. Steve NOTE #1: I do offer a 100% money back guarantee for customer satisfaction. I guarantee the headliner panel will fit without any modifications to the headliner panel itself. (You will need to trim the opening for the sun visor end clips. There were two different styles used from the earlier models versus the later models. I precut both locations into the panel for you to use which ever you need. You will just need to trim the headliner material in the opening by cutting an "X") If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the headliner panel, I will send you a return shipping label and will refund 100% of your purchase price after I receive the headliner back. NOTE #2: Turnaround time on the Panels would be shipping as early as the First Monday after purchase has been made but no later than the Second Monday. NOTE #3: You will receive step by step instructions on removal of your old headliner and the install of the new one. If you do not have a headliner the instructions should still be helpful in the installation process. Please go to SMSheadliners.com to see my Ebay Feedback score. I will be posting other offers on the Vendors website soon for discounts on Headliner kits, Custom Made Door panels, and other Custom Made Headliner Panels for other vehicles you may own.
  6. I found this Comanche on craigslist and showed it to my Dad. Well I am in Auburn waiting out TS Lee after test driving the comanche and attending Auburn's Football game (witch was a little too close for comfort to start out a season).. Next week I will be back to pay for it and bring it home, I would have done it this trip if the F-250 wasen't in the shop. here are some pics! Its a Black 1989 MJ Pioneer 2wd auto, short bed, WITH A DANA 44!!! And as a side note Auburn WON!! War Eagle!!!
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