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  1. I have a set of U-bolt plates in good shape I'd be willing to part with. $20 + shipping or trade for something interesting
  2. The previous owner cut the locating tab off the distributor to make it adjustable. I messed with this adjustment a little bit and decided I should eliminate this variable. I swapped in a distributor off my other truck and followed the instructions for indexing. I checked the timing with a light and it was within spec. I swapped in a new IAC, although I'm not sure was really the correct one for the truck even though it was listed as such. It doesn't seem to make a difference in idle plugged in vs unplugged. I also checked the short section of rubber fuel line on the fuel pump to make sure it wasn't deteriorated. It looked fine. The truck starts pretty much everytime but I'm still not happy with the crank time and stumbling to life. When I was checking relays last month, it seemed like if I unplugged a relay and plugged it back in I would get a few good starts and then it would revert back to stumble city. Pretty frustrating! My MAP line seems to be fine, it also came off a running truck but I will fix it as you described and report back.
  3. I've owned this MJ for a little over a year. I noticed the extended crank right off the bat before purchasing the truck. It currently has the dizzy off my old comanche, a brand new cap, rotor and wires. Everything is dry under the hood, i didnt notice any tracking inside the cap, and weather doesnt seem to make a difference, it has this problem year round. Pic attached purely because I'm super excited to drive this thing (if I can ever get it running right)
  4. Yep Renix intake gasket and all sensors. It's weird sometimes I get 3 or 4 normal sounding 4.0L starts, and then it's back to the lumpy starts without the normal rev up over 1k
  5. 19lb mustang injectors, also came off a running MJ. I checked around with carb clean pretty thoroughly, I've had vaccum leaks at the manifold on another jeep and it resulted in a noticeably high idle and whistling sound from that area of the motor. I'm using the renix intake and exhaust manifolds on the HO block. This truck has been hard to start ever since I've owned it. I figured it was due to the butchered sensor set up that it had when I first got it, but even now with all the right parts it's still giving me problems!
  6. I cleaned the Throttle body really well, and the whole intake and all sensors came off of my other MJ which ran and started perfectly. I will check the butterfly adjustment just to be sure. Thanks! This comanche I'm working on now had an HO swapped in, and the PO tried to just wire the new style sensors to the renix harness. It did not go well. I reverted everything back to renix.
  7. Ok, just ran out and checked it in the dark, D2-5 has 11v with key on, key off it starts dropping down over a few seconds eventually getting to <0.2v
  8. Yes sir, fuel pressure drops to 31 at idle. Thank you for the B+ diag info, I'll have to test it tomorrow.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm having problems with cold starts on my 88 MJ. So far I've: -Tested and refreshed the grounds -Adjusted TPS to spec -Swapped in a known good IAC, - Checked the cps when cranking (I have .498V AC) - Made sure the Coolant temp and intake air temp sensors are working as they should. - Checked fuel pressure- I have 39 psi that holds steady -Checked timing and made sure distributor was installed correctly -Checked for o2 sensor heater voltage -swapped relays around -EGR is blocked off -Checked for vaccuum leaks -swapped known good Coil and ICM -swapped known good ECU When the truck does start, usually after several extended cranks, it doesn't start like any other renix I've owned. Instead of revving up to somewhere over 1k and coming back down to ~750, it sort of stumbles to life and comes up to the 750 mark. All of this only happens if the truck has been sitting for a while. Once I've had it running, it still stumbles to life, but it will always start. Once it's running, it idles nice and smooth and revs through the rpms with no backfires or hiccups. I'm wondering if this could have something to do with the B+ latch relay? Maybe the IAC isn't returning to the correct position on shutdown? I also noticed that on the green to 3 red wire fusible link coming off of the starter solenoid, one of the red wires just deads ends. There also is an additional red wire running from the ring connector at the solenoid that runs all the way across the back of the motor and through the firewall on the driver's side. Is it possible the previous owner hacked some additional wiring in here that bypasses the B+ latch relay? Any help would be appreciated. I've done my best to research people having similar issues, but haven't found any solution yet. I'm starting to lose my mind.
  10. Still have this. Make an offer!
  11. Today I pulled my barn off my comanche.
  12. Great thanks a lot! I'll have to grab one of those external torx sockets too then.
  13. Thanks! Yeah the 89 is the goofy accordion looking one. So I'll have the pilot bushing for a 74 cj, Clutch, master cylinder and throwout for a 98 and a flywheel for an 89.
  14. I have a 4wd AX-15 in my 89 MJ and I recently scored a 98 AX-15. Is there anything different between the two transmissions other than the slave cylinders? I thought I remember hearing I had to run a pilot or throw out bearing from a 79 CJ or something?
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