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  1. My first new vehicle , bought 6/30/1987 in Garden valley , CA. It's a 4.0L, 5sp , 4x4. I got the Jeep in 1987 and got married in 1988. I still have them both. The difference is, I can still get in the Jeep whenever I want.
  2. Original qowner. 1987 MJ purchased 6/30/1987 in Garden valley CA.
  3. It's nice to see these trucks still on the road. I too am the original owner of a Comanche. I bought it 6-30-1987 in CA. It's a 4x4,4.0L, 5 speed short bed. It's been great, but parts seem to be made of pure Unobtainium. I'm currently struggling to find the right Speedo-cable. It would be interesting to know how many are still on the road and how many of those are original owners.
  4. Mine is a 1987 4X4/ 4.0 5spd. (Original Owner) Same problem several years ago. Swapped some parts with no joy. Then I reseated the harness going into the cab. Fixed! Shortly there after, the problem came back. I then cleaned and reseated said harness. It's been fine fore several years now. Good luck
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