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  1. WOW, you did a great job on that MJ! That color is fantastic for it! Glenn
  2. The lift handle for the seat position is in the way for that. It looks like you would have to go down under the handle and back up to the other rail.
  3. The MJ brackets are narrower than the 95 XJ brackets by 5".
  4. I was given 2 bucket seats from a 95 XJ 2 door, but the seat rails are approximately 11" apart. my 89 MJ brackets are 6" between the rivets side to side. Has anybody run into this on a bench seat to bucket swap. Looks like the only solution would to be cut my bracket and extend it under the lever to move the seat forward/backward. Just want another opinion before I booger up a perfectly good bracket! Glenn
  5. I have spacers on the rear axles, but can they be put on the front. Just completed a 4X2 to 4X4 swap and have to get it aligned. But if they could be put up front i'd want to install them first. Glenn
  6. Since the time I bought my 89 Comanche it's leaned to the left. Looks as though a 500# guy is sitting in the drivers seat. And NO I'm not that big! (yet)LOL It can't be in the suspension. I've replaced the front coils and also installed coil spacers. Put in a metric ton rear spring pack with a dana 44 rear end. Drop shackels. And there is still a 1.25 difference between the left and right side. Exactly the same difference between the front and rear. I got these measurements from the floor to the center bottom of the wheel flares. Any help? Thanks Glenn
  7. 2.5L 4X4 XJ's are pretty darn tough to find. Around my way anyhow! How bout out of a wrangler? Glenn
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys! Cheech do you have the plastic valve cover ? Glenn
  9. I never fall into great deals! If that would have been me they would have crushed it with a bulldozer 5 minutes before I got there.
  10. I think I've tried every gasket and or sealer on my valve cover and it always end up leaking after a few weeks. I don't have any blow by going into the air box and the breathers are all open. Has anybody had better luck with any perticular gasket or silicone gasket maker? It's an 89 MJ, 2.5 plastic valve cover. Doesn't seam to be warped or cracked. Had 180,000 on my last 87 Mj and the valve cover was the only place it ever leaked oil from. Thanks Glenn
  11. By the way you have it on upside down! :huh???:
  12. Looks in pretty good shape. Especially if it's FREE ! Great snag. Glenn
  13. No I didn't know that was the case. But Thank you for the information! That's why I asked if anyone ever used or saw one on a jeep MJ or XJ. None of the sites listed a picture of the hood like the Reflexxion Hoods did. I guess I'll just keep an eye out for one of the Reflexxion hoods. If any knows or sees one for sale I'd appreciate a heads up! Thanks Glenn
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