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  1. I think I have found another donor that is a 90 with everything that I need, so for now I'm scrapping the newer Jeep anyway. I knew the pilot bushings were different, and knew about the 304 bushing, I was just hoping that the other bushing would be a known item as well. I figured that with the master cylinder I see them retrofitted to earlier models, that it should be just as easy to put it the other way around. Great in theory, but isn't everything!?! I did happen to find a Cherokee the same year as mine, with brand new 33's, new rims, newer (less than 6 months driving) 4.5" lift, among other things for VERY cheap close to my place. A friend of mine did all the work on the truck and knows it very well, so I know I'm not being ripped off. Dude lost his job and just needs cash, and can't afford to have so many rigs anymore. Works perfect for me!!
  2. What about the pilot bearing? What would I need for a bearing to mate the old trans input with the HO 4.0?
  3. They both have the AX15. I want the external slave on the Comanche though, as that will be the one I'm keeping for sure, and I'm sick of pulling the trans for a leaky slave.
  4. I'm looking at swaping the 4WD parts from a 98 Cherokee into my 90 Comanche 2WD. I know what I need to do to install the newer trans on the older motor, but here is my question, what do I need to swap the older 2WD trans onto the H.O. 4.0L? I want to re-install the 2WD stuff onto the Cherokee to either re-sell it or keep it myself for a kids / parts runner / daily driver. I want to keep the renix engine in the Comanche, as I'm planning to swap over to propane.
  5. I have no issues with venting the hood, and/ or running a rear mounted rad, but I'll not be doing a lot of low speed crawling or anything like that, mostly higher speed stuff offroad and onroad.
  6. I've been searching for a few days, and haven't really come up with anything. Novak makes adapters to swap it into full size Jeep cherokees and yj/tj's, but nothing for the MJ/XJ. Hoping to find someone who has done the swap at least. I'm not scared of doing some fab work, but if it's going to be a ton of work, I'll throw the 350 in it.
  7. BTW, I'm also running a 8.8" rear, and I have a 355 chevy sitting in the shop I could use also. I'm not really planning on doing the swap soon, but I plan to run a few RallyX and Rally races with it, and the old 4.0 isn't gonna cut it forever...
  8. Has anyone ever swappe in a 5.0L Mustang motor into a MJ? The 4.0L is roughly 515lbs, and the 5.0L is around 450, more power, more torque, etc. I know that lots of people have swapped in Chevy engines into the XJ / Mj's but I've not seen any 5.0's. My 89 Mustang's body is getting weak, but the engine and trans are in great shape, and the engine's had work done to it. I'm contemplating making my MJ into a pre-runner/JEEPSPEED style build, and I'm starting with a 2wd. Just putting out a feeler...
  9. This is exactly how I want mine to come out, and exactly what I'm starting with, only an '89. Looks good.
  10. My 8.8 came with a 3.08 rear gear, so I didn't have to re-gear right away, but I'm not lifted yet either. When I put the 33's on I'm probably going up to a 4.88
  11. I've had the truck for just 2 months now, but here is how it looked the day I brought her home My plans are to swap in a 8.8 out of an Exploder I have sitting in the shop, and there is a SWB Eliminator Comanche at the JY a few mins from my place that I'm going to grab the 4WD stuff from. I'm going to do all the work when I put it away for the summer this spring and bring the 5.0 Mustang out of storage. That way I won't have to worry about keeping it drivable for a DD. It's going to get the cheap and dirty ZJ coil and shackle lift to clear a set of 31X10.5's I've got sitting in the shop. I've known the JY owners for as long as I've been alive, so I get anything I want for free, lol. A few specs on it now, 4.0L, 5 speed, 2WD. The truck has the good dash with the tack, and it only has 114 000kms!! The truck was never winter driven until last year! There is just a pinhole of rust starting on the passenger rocker, and in front of the rear passenger wheel by the flare. The paint is original, and the truck is real straight. The drivers door has been caught and the upper hinge weld has started to let go (surprise surprise) so I'm going to look for a newer set of doors with the one piece window. What do you think so far?? Am I on the right track?
  12. Rascus

    anyone from nb

    I just joined up, but I'm in PEI, close enough!! I've got a bunch of family in Saint John, and I'm in Moncton often, so that counts too!
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