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  1. Yes. Looking for possibly 2 now. Maybe just 1 at a time. I'll have to see how serious my brother is.
  2. replaced the trans lines, serp belt, IAC, removed the crusty decals, did an oil change, checked the diffs *will open/clean and refill with new fluid soon*, ordered new window trim, new trans mount and engine mounts. Will get plugs and swap in a good set of coils I have, also need to order a new fuel sending unit. Mine leaks when full on a hill and upon inspection had epoxy or jbweld around the inlet pipe. The power steering bracket bolts are kinda jacked. I had to shave off a quarter inch if bolt on the back one and the top one on the front had snapped in the bracket. Someone had overtightene
  3. Frank, are you still making visors?? Really looking for 2 or 3.
  4. TeXJ_Gump


    Hey, I'm in Denton area! You still around and in the MJ gang?
  5. Ahh... makes sense. And the dana 235 wide track Rear axle... thats just a d35? Or is that some oddball that didn't get put in many XJ/MJs?
  6. Thank you! Question: at the top of the list it says SA: charcoal. Is that in reference to the factory paint color? Or something else?
  7. Thanks! It will be soon! It's a super clean base for a tasteful build/full resto
  8. 1992 MJ 4x4 Shortbed ^^Pictures in Link^^ Just picked up this 1992 MJ 4x4 shortbed with the 4.0 liter. Runs and drives. Needs a little love. I believe its got the AW4, np231, HPd30 and d35. It's got zero body damage aside from a few dents in the tailgate. No Rust aside from 1 quarter sized blister in the front fenderwell, a 2in long line in the pinch weld on the lower lip of the tailgate and the driver seat bracket. It's a 1 owner truck out of Louisiana that was towed behind an RV most of its life. It will be getting restored and live with me in North Texas.
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