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  1. I think they look good enough and more important you like them and were only 55 $. I was thinking in doing similar with TJ rear lights, but I score a par of ONS rear MJ lights for 40 $ the pair so definetly went with those.
  2. Thanks Pete! I'm considering a diesel option for one of my MJ's
  3. That's nice engine option! Is that engine reliable enough in terms of electronic managment over something more "mechanic" like could be some cummins option? If you decide to do that proyect I can help you finding parts for it, I'm currently living in Spain were those CRD KJ'S are more likely to find in junkyards.
  4. That's actually a not bad idea. who make those engines? are those easy to find in the US?
  5. Make it diesel, would be interesting to know which could be the engine/transmission combination you choose
  6. Saw the video.... sad its a 4x2, but yes it is a gorgeous truck
  7. Cerbomach


    PM sended, let me know if you need help with that, I can easily doit for ya
  8. Not bad actually!, look's pretty nice. like it!
  9. I'm thinking in those as an option but not 100% convinced that they will look good, I think those are to modern for the MJ. Another option that I have seen fitted is late 80's early 90's F150 rear tail ligths,(may have some pictures of that) look very similar to de XJ ones. I'm also considering TJ's or someting similar, like the Galdiator has.
  10. Have someone tried KK cherokee rear tail ligts? Although those look a bit modern for the MJ maybe can be fitted easier
  11. I was checking out this! is like a sister of my MJ, actually his vin number is pretty similar to mine. This extended cab were common those days specialy in log bed versions
  12. It isnt in the US, I may consider sale it but just the shipping to US is around 5K$
  13. It dosent come with the tag under the hood, it have the last 4 digits I think stamped in the rail frame just behind the battery mount. It also have a tag behind the windshield up in the dashboard but sadly only the las digits remain and another tag inside cab near the gas pedal but again only shows the last digits of the vin.
  14. I don't know why but I can't see the pictures of your build
  15. I've only have seen this wired extended cab in 88 long beds models and those were pretty common down here, but there are not too many now days in the roads. People here rip the hell out off the pickups soo its hard to survive. I will love to take a look at that brochure and maybe give it a shot translating some of it!!!
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