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  1. A teaser of the shortened XJ overhead console grafted to fit in the Comanche .
  2. Sorry, went dark for a bit. Still trying to finish this build but getting burned out. Dual gas tank using a Dodge Dakota in the stock location is going in the week and I just finished installing the overhead console. That was a pain but definitely well worth it! Massive picture dump is coming this weekend. I went with Rubicon Express after comparing the spring rates of every company for the lift height I wanted. The Rubicon Express RE1310 4.5" XJ coil is 164 lbs/inch and the Rusty's 4.5 XJ coil is 150 lbs/inch. I have had the Rusty's coils before on a short arm XJ with 4.5" lift
  3. You have a good eye. There was a stamped bed gusset on each side of the bed near the rear most bolt hole that was interfering with the new x-member I welded in for the TJ tank mounting. I was able to slit it and fold it over flat so it's fixed now and sitting level with all 8 bed bolts installed. I'm going to explain that when I get around to posting all of the pictures.
  4. Personal Introduction: My name is Britton and I am an addict...jk but seriously though haha. Career wise I am a mechanical engineer but I prefer to consider myself a jack of many trades and a master of none. I am constantly tinkering on something, working any number of projects, and tossing ideas around in my head constantly (both a blessing a curse). Anyways, I've been into Jeeps since I could drive and this is officially the 4th Jeep I have owned. 1999 2 door XJ 5 speed, 4.0L, 3.5" lift, 265/75/16 BFG ATs on TJ Rubicon wheels, overhead console, cruise control.
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