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  1. Ok guys I’m doing an axle swap in my Comanche and am debating spring over or under plus lift. my plan is never go bigger than 35 inch tires with Notch fender flares. Hunting, fishing, camping rig no hardcore trails. so should I go spring over or under and what lift size? My research says spring over might be too much lift but I’m not sure. anyone have opinions? Especially if you have a complete lift kit recommendation.
  2. Fshnfvr


    1988 Jeep Comanche Built September 1987 4.0L 5 speed manual Tucson, AZ on the road and a project of mine. Plans to build it into a camping, hunting, exploring rig.
  3. Damn you guys are tough. Here is why I thought it would be easier clearly I’m an idiot I get it now. first they are being sold as a pair and rubicon axles are a premium at least where I am and I don’t NEED a 44 front. Second a JK 30 gets rid of the CAD and is already geared to 4.88 which is my desired gearing. Third the JK 44 is clearly stronger than my current axle and again geared for 4.88. and I’m not capable to regear myself. Or at least I never have and don’t have the tools. it would then be disk brakes all around and JK bolt pattern
  4. I stated in the opener 35” tires was the plan. ill never go bigger this isn’t a hardcore wheeler. I have a Jeep for that. This is a back country explorer, hunting and camper. Moderate trails only. I also don’t want to add too much width. Some is ok but bot full-size of tons.
  5. Definitely not set at all. I know I don't need or want 1 tons so this seemed good. I’m open to anything that makes sense. In fact they would sit for a bit as I have some other things to do first. What would you recommend? TJ axles seem the easiest but seem to be harder to find in my area. But again I can hold out.
  6. Open diffs. I went back with some of these comments and it looks like I can get them for $1500. With the regear that seems like a fair price for my area. Junkyard 44s stock go for $1000.
  7. Ok guys I recently got a Comanche of which I'll post pics, register and start a build thread soon. However, I have a quick question I hope someone can answer. My plans are a camping rig on 35s and a rear locker. So here is the question. I have a chance to pick up a set of JK axles (44 rear 30 front) complete with 4.88 gears and diff covers for $2K. Is that a good price? Anyone done this swap? I know they make kits for the front and the back would just be spring perches I assume. Overall seems like a realatively easy swap. What do you guys think?
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