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  1. Sorry didn’t see your comment but it’s a thin layer of grim. No huge chunks. Thought of introducing a little seafoam at a time. I always start the truck and let it run a few times a week. Drop the oil and change it periodically as intended. Worse comes to worse, I plan on Getting a good donor Cherokee with a fresher motor and drivetrain
  2. MJPeabody88

    Southeast Va

    Anyone from the 757 area!?!???? I’m reining from Smithfield
  3. She may break em off though. Definitely a daddy’s girl
  4. Any help is greatly appreciate!!! Figured 7-12 would be a good range of play. So used to work on my Diesel engine. Easy to over tighten without a torque wrench. Might as well get my daughter to tighten them for me. Hahaha!!!!
  5. Gave the valve cover a good 2 + hour scrubbing. The oil residue was terrible!!! Shes definitely going to get some well deserved attention. I did notice It didn’t take much to loosen the bolts to the valve cover. Half a turn then loosened by hand.
  6. Under the valve cover looks pretty grimy. Would running seafoam in the oil take care of cleaning up the gunk or is there another option you’ve had good results with?
  7. First time ever wrenching on a Jeep. Even though it’s something as simple as a new valve cover gasket, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Even while fighting the bolt closest to the firewall. This Comanche is my first Jeep I’ve ever owned. Now, I’m hooked. Love the platform. Everything about it is awesome and to have gotten lucky on one in such condition makes it even better. Restoration is super slight. Looking under the truck I found only one spot of rust on the bottom floor pan the size of a baby’s fist. Gosh I’m so freakin excited to work on this thing. Can’t wait to go out in the ocean to go scalloping. I’m going to order a crap ton of parts and buy a donor for the 4x4 swap. Glad to be apart of a forum with great advice and other members who understand that your a noob and don’t knock you down about it.
  8. Is this resistor absolutely a must have or can you simply run a jumper?
  9. Thank you thank you!! She’s in great condition to have 266k on the clock. Really looking forward to adding some goodies over the summer
  10. I will surely check it out. This is my first Jeep so everything is a learning curve. Thanks for the tip here's a pic of my Comanche
  11. Great write up!! Was considering a diesel swap for the 88 mj. After reading more and more, just seems to be a lot. I guess I’ll just stay with the 4.0
  12. Checked the distributor. Dry sounds like she is losing power. Kinda stumbling. Bad distributor all together? thanks for the input guys!
  13. Fuel pump kicks on/off. Getting spark. After spraying the engine bay down, having starting problems, I let sit to dry out for DAAYYSS And Still no luck. Changed the plugs. Still nothing. Tried to start it. Miraculously starts up ????
  14. So I purchased a 88 Comanche 4.0 auto 2wd short bed pioneer in great shape. Has 266k miles so as you can imagine, the motor had quite a bit of oil residue. Sprayed the engine and bay with degreaser and hosed it down. Now she turns over but doesn’t start up and run. I’m very mechanically incline. Mainly with boats and anything to do with commercial fishing. I don’t want to just dive right in and start tearing down things in possibly the wrong direction. I’ve checked Some of the electrical connections. Prior to all this. Before I bought the truck, it had sat for 8 months. Luckily it wasn’t full on old fuel. Was above empty and at the time of purchase, I put 5 gallons in and the following day, topped it off. Was on the way to do a few things to my boat, approaching a red light, she cuts off on me. It starts back up fine, turned around, and hit the auto parts store on the way home. sorry for the novel but trying not to leave anything out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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