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  1. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Oh the joys of HVAC. I didn’t want to drive my 2018 ford 150 transit work van in the snow so I took the Comanche to work. It’s earning its keep today.
  2. I don’t like the turbines, but I admit it would match your restoration theme perfectly.
  3. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Got a little 1/12 on 1/1 action going on. All pictures taken on ohv class 2 trails. No property was damaged. 😂😂😂 Started snowing so I said @#$% it it’s cold.
  4. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    These are just looking around in general in the play area.
  5. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    These two are from the power line road looking down on the crawling section.
  6. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Toke a minute to walk the trails I didn’t want to do alone and get some pictures so people know what’s out here. These two pictures are taken from above and below the same spot.
  7. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Now that I have front and rear drivelines, and a winch, and all my recovery gear in order, oh and t case linkage installed, I decided to go explore Cline butte better. Finally found the crawling area. Met a couple guys they were cool. They drove Toyota’s tho. 😂😂
  8. Are you the one in the video Pete?
  9. Flexj

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    And with that skilled of fab work in the ac delete bracket, why not just move your alternator up there?
  10. Flexj

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    You bore out renix throttle bodies? Is it plug and play? And how much if so?
  11. Flexj

    1998 comanche

    Definitely loving the washer bottle. I may have to steal that idea. 😂
  12. Flexj

    Comanche Dawn

    Looks good man. Excited to see it moving along. I adjusted my speedometer also, we’ll go down together. 😂😂 except I kept my old one and adjusted the new one to zero. I have 7k miles on my Comanche now. 😂😂
  13. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Harbor freight had a 20% off coupon today so I went and bought one of their new ZXR series winches. This is the third harbor freight winch I have bought so far and have never had problems. The first one I rear ended someone and demolished the magnets inside of it. The second one was sold with my old wj. And this one now. I managed to hide the selenium box under the radiator. Luckily I don’t have a mechanical fan there anymore. 😂 also added the bolts from the jcr brackets to the warn bumper. Gina weld it soon but I at least have enough piece of mind now to where I can use the winch.
  14. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    Added a stock Napa replacement stabilizer. I havnt used one in ten years but since moving to bend, they are actually worth the money.... I never noticed a difference with or without a stabilizer until having a road that was straight for more then a mile without turning at all. When you get 30 mph winds hitting you sideways they actually do help...
  15. Flexj

    88 Sport Low N Slow

    As usual didn’t stop to take pics while installing but this is the boostwerks 231 t case shift linkage. I ended up using the 3/4” drop option and the middle slot on my application. Which is 4.0, 99 ax15, 01 231 with no drop bracket stock positioning.