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  1. Raptor tintable bedliner ! I will let this thing dry for a week and next saturday I'm going to add new paint to the coilover mounts and the fuel cell cage and install all the accesories (one step closer)
  2. More jeep parts!! Currie antirock, King 2.5 12 travel, raptor bed liner and couple of spray paint for axles accesories more updates coming soon
  3. Any person here running a Gm np241C t case? I did the V8 swap with this T case and i can't find a flange or something to use my oem XJ-MJ 1310 double cardan front drive shaft :/
  4. Ultimate flex test !! The spring doesn't hit with the unibody, is ready to add last reinforcements , put the bed back and tight Everything :) getting close and close to the end of this <3
  5. Put the carb just to measure distances for the hoses and work in the fuel regulator setup :) the clayton 4 link is almost ready! some minor things to be done so we can start with the coilovers install
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