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  1. fiberglass is not a floor rockers both sides, prob the easiest repair I did Had to move dash mounts a little for 98 interior, chose to keep it simple ahh wiring, everybodys favorite you don't realize how much wire is in a modern car till you have to install all of it marking out Chrysler wiring to painless harness
  2. I agree, the motor is enough by itself. My starter truck was a mess, between lots of rust, cut up wiring, and crappy repairs. I have basically went down to a bare shell, did rockers, floorpans, half a trans tunnel and some bedside repairs before I even started anything new. Did frame reinforcments, links front and rear, 8.8 rear , relocated fuel tank and all new brakelines, and gutted the interior before starting the work on the motor swap. After doing the motor placement and the 4l80 which is quite a bit larger than a aw4 lol, on to wiring. The eng harness was easy, used a lsx4u harness and worth the money, just hookup and go. Used a painless chassis harness for everything else and it took some time to make it work with all the Chrysler switches with the 98 xj interior. Done now, but several weekends of wiring all alone. finishing up odds and ends now, hoses, translines and a punch list a mile long, but hope to finish upo the bodywork and paint over the winter and be able to play with it next year. This is my 3rd LS swap and I'm done after this, 05 lj, 68 commando 68 commando, 4.8 ls, th400, sadly had to sell to finish building the lj 05 lj, 5.3, th400, 60's 40's lots of other mods
  3. Photobucket is uploading slowly but here are some more pics. I have a big lj wheeler so I wanted to build something fast that still had the offroad look. The engine is in final position. I have 2 hoods, I am going to trim one to fit with the truck manifold for now and see how I like it. I am talking with a friend who works at a gm dealer about a take off lsa supercharger so it may need a hole in the hood anyway. rear 8.8 and 4 link set up front set up this was kind of the inspiration for this build. 2wd kinda baja style
  4. Signed up a while ago, but didn't keep up with my build Specs as of now, pics to follow 92 long bed, did months of rust repair and started building. Currently 2wd, longarms and 5 inch lift up front 8.8 rear, 4.10 gears, 4 link rear with tj coils to level front 2005 6.0 lq9 with a big cam, lifters etc and a hot tune 485 at the crank 4l80 trans did the late model xj interior and nose, mostly done whats left of the parts donor will post some more pics when I get them uploaded
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