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  1. I have an oem radio from a 86 Pioneer edition. $30 Shipped
  2. I have an 86 Comanche I just started stripping. Sell you the dana 35 for $100 You take care of shipping. I am located in Rochester, MA. Almost close enough to pick up. My email is normorejeeps@gmail.com. I can send pics. Thank you
  3. Well no interest i guess. Off to the scrap yard today, its coming with. Close thread please
  4. are you still looking for one? I have a grey. Havent pulled it out yet but if you are interested I will pull it.
  5. Somebody must want this thing!!! Open to trades
  6. Just picked up a comanchee with 55k. Has the BA10. Prolly won't have it out till some time next week or so. $300 shipped if ya want it.
  7. not right now. It is at a buddys business until I make room. I will prolly grab it next week. Has 55k, BA10 trans, painted primer black, it is a pioneer edition. Will post some photos once I grab it and start the tear down. Also has a lift, 4 inch I think
  8. still for sale. my friend across the street is letting me keep it there for a few. Also have the matching tailgate for $75 with all the latches and hinges.
  9. Let me know when you can grab it and I will see if I can hold it till then. I just picked up another comanche a cj5 and a cj7 and still have two tj's. Gotta make some room.
  10. it must of went for scrap. I don't have it. Sorry
  11. i might still have one. will check at the shop tomorrow
  12. I could hold it till the weekend as long as you don't leave me hanging. You can give me a call tomorrow at 774-203-JEEP or email me at normorejeeps@gmail.com
  13. If you could that would be great. thank you
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