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  1. I've looking for this exact bumper do you still have it? Mike
  2. I move this topic over to the Modifications and repair.

  3. I had an unfortunate impact to the rear bumper of my on drivers side. The bumper is in fairly good shape and I thought about trying to repair it's cave in on left side just to left the support bracket and its dented in a good 3". I know the metal is in good shape not rusty in this part. I repaired this bumper before I put it on the vehicle last summer. It had some dings and a couple of rust holes. I've got a torch and tools but I don't have a press. I guess I could cut it right there and straighten out and re weld it back in place. I kinda hate to do that but I guess it's one way. Anybody got
  4. TOP

    MJ OEM Rear Bumper

    Well I luck out I found one on Criaglist and the best part the guy was coming right down Rt-95 to visit relatives and we were able to meet. I gotta do a work to restore it but not really bad at all. In answer to Pete I back into one of those concrete pillars. I was trying to get out of the way of another vehicle not looking where he was going! Good news is the bumper the brunt of impact drivers side just to left of the support bracket no body damage. Mike
  5. TOP

    MJ OEM Rear Bumper

    Thanks for the replies. I've check with Car-Part. com not much there I'm still looking hoping someone here might have one.
  6. TOP

    MJ OEM Rear Bumper

    Looking for an OEM rear bumper for my 87 Comanche. If you have one thats damage but good on left side (driverside) I might interested. A cement piller reach out and took a bit out mine during a snow here!
  7. I looking for the inside right front wheel well plastic piece. It's the piece that is right behind the front right fender flare. Its the full entire wheel well pastic piece. What would you want for it if it's available + shipping?
  8. Just saw them and that's exactly what I was looking for. Do you have PayPal? I'll need the address for PayPal if available. Let me know what you want for them plus postage or however you want to send them. My is Mike Christie 11206 Prince Ct Fredericksburg, Va 22407
  9. Ok sure understand no problem. Just want to make sure you knew I was still interested. Thanks
  10. Ops my Email if you send a picture is MZFB@aol.com Mike
  11. Were you able to get a picture of them of them yet. What do you want for them? Thanks Mike
  12. Okay great I check this later tonight. Other wise I check it tomorrow. Thank you Mike
  13. Okay super I wait to hear from you. also could you snap picture for me just to make sure the part i'm look for is the same as what you pulled. Thank you
  14. Hello I interested in front end in the wheel well I need the plastic that covers frame work for the front bumper. To give better description it piece that you would peel back to look at the vacuum bulb that place on the right side inside the area of the front bumper. It's a part piece on either side. Would you want to sell those? I understand shipping is on me. Thanks Mike
  15. So just an update, I flushed the heater core about 4 times and used 15lbs of air with the water to give it a little pressure. Then I filled the heater core with prestone radiator flush and let it sit for 30 mins. Then I re flush it with clear water connected everything back, burp it and now I've got great heat now. Here is an interesting link about heater cores: https://heatertreater.net/heater-core
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