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  1. So just an update, I flushed the heater core about 4 times and used 15lbs of air with the water to give it a little pressure. Then I filled the heater core with prestone radiator flush and let it sit for 30 mins. Then I re flush it with clear water connected everything back, burp it and now I've got great heat now. Here is an interesting link about heater cores: https://heatertreater.net/heater-core
  2. TOP


    Thank you for the information I've seen what you mean about the paper work being behind stuff. I will check there this weekend.
  3. TOP


    So this is the only information on it 88 4.0 4x4 ? Thanks Mike
  4. TOP


    I register the MJ and use the vin for the subject on 87 page.

    Here is the VIN 1JTMP631XHT189821 number if you could run it.


  5. TOP


    Bought in Spotsylvania Co Va. over two years ago. Updated the computer to 1990. Replaced the fuel injectors to the 4 point injectors. New water pump and updated the cooling system by removing the Heat vacuum valve and adding a coolant reservoir. Put a 3" lift on it. Moved the Vacuum reservoir from the from bumper to the fire wall. Replace the instrument cluster to full gauge cluster. The vehicle aside from the paint is in very good condition. Plan on having it painted next spring. Has 4.0 engine Automatic Transmission with 4 wheel drive.
  6. TOP


    Ok so I'm sure I'm in the right section but I wanted to register my MJ with this site. I don't much about the history of it except I bought it from a Co-worker The Vin number is 1JTMP631XHT189821 1987 JEEP COMANCHE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FOUR WHEEL DRIVE 4.0 ENGINE This is all the information I can provide at the moment. Please if I'm wrong area could you let me know I will do what to move it. Thanks Mike
  7. TOP


    Okay I'll get the info when I get home tonight and send it to you. Thank you!
  8. Okay thanks for the info on the Mod. Still wondering about looking inside the HVAC box without pulling the dash apart to see if the insulation might have fallen down and is blocking the heat somehow. Mike
  9. TOP


    Okay who should I provide the vinnumber to and is there any other information that they need for me? Thanks Mike
  10. TOP


    Pete M So I'm curious, if we provide a VIN number to you, you run it through Chrysler and get a build sheet and birthday? Thanks Mike
  11. Eaglescout526 What mod did you do to get all the heat?
  12. HI SCGuy Yea I was just posting that someone else mention the form on the door. What does that insulation attach to? If I pull the fan motor out could I see it that way? Water temps are good going in and like I said earlier slightly less come out which I would expect. Mike
  13. Yea sounds like you have same problem. I've checked everything except taking the dash apart and I don't want to think about doing that. I was reading different posts about the same problem but all them mostly refer to that Vacuum heater valve on the water line. As said I remove that a while back just because everyone said that will fail eventually. Some did mention in a post about insulation possible blocking the air flow through the heater core. I was wondering if I removed the fan motor if you could see inside the box enough to see if there was something blocking the air flow. I do get good
  14. My MJ seems to have low heat. I removed the heater hose valve and have flushed the heater. I've measure the heat at inlet and outlet and its slightly cooler at the outlet which I would expect. Does anyone here have any experience with this? I'm wondering if there is a blockage in the heater box not the heater its self which is not letting good air flow though the heater coils. Does anyone have a real picture of the inside of box housing the air condition unit and heater? The Air conditioner does work and does cool as I would expect. Also I was wondering if there is some kinda of inspection do
  15. Update on the Windshield Wash Nozzles. I found a 96 Cherokee that had the same cowl and nozzles. Removing the nozzles was piece cake. I got and an assortment of screws and hose that went with the nozzles for $5.00. I got home pulled cowl off and cleaned everything up and installed nozzles. Start the MJ up to check the work and there was no difference in the spray. I dragged the air compressor out and blew through the line from the water tank up to the nozzles and that seemed fine. I did one more test I disconnected the water line at the T and put my finger over the open hose to see if I had
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