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  1. Blaine The item arrived last night in good shape clean it up this morning and ready to be installed unfortunately its going rain so I guess I'll wait until tomorrow. So I was looking at your pictures of the Jeep engine and thought of a couple other parts. I was looking at the throttle body I think I'm calling it by the right name the part that bolts onto the intake I could use it and the two motors that attach to it. Can you send me a PM on this? Mine is working but where one of the motors bolt on, the top screw broke off flush so only have one holding the motor on.
  2. Any chance of getting the neutral safety switch off the Transmission. I'm 22407 zip code
  3. I found that it goes to the light switch and it is Stokermjcomanch said it was, a pair for the license plate if the stock bumper isn't used
  4. After pulling the rear bumper off I discovered an unused pair of wires. I have the trailer hitch wiring, so trying to figure out what these were for and where the other end is? Thanks Mike
  5. TOP

    Rear Bumper Caps

    Looking for a set of rear bumper caps in good condition for the original rear bumper on my 87 Comanche. I just repaired and repainted the bumper using truck bed liner for the final coat of paint on it. Mike
  6. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    Hope you got my message that I sent a PayPal payment. You'll need to it send to the following address Mike Christie C/o Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office Po 124 9119 Dean Ridings Lane Spotsylvania, va 22553
  7. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    Okay boy that jacks price quite a bit would you take S25 Plus the shipping?
  8. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    just checking back to make sure you got the Zip code 22407
  9. Boy those lights look like the came off the shelf at the dealership! So the pad you use is like the kitchen scrub pad or did I miss something? Also the DupliColor clear is that something at the parts store? Thanks Mike
  10. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    Okay great 22407
  11. Okay on the radio I will check to see what else I might need. Thanks mike
  12. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    Yes I would like this one. How much and do you take PayPal? Mike
  13. TOP

    Factory radios- SC

    Is the bottom radio sold if not I would like it. would you have the plug for it also? Thanks mike
  14. How much for the tailgate straps? Mike
  15. Do you have an OEM am/fm radio? also I was looking for some tailgate supports (not sure of name) but go on either side of the tailgate and fold up as the gate closes. Mike
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