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  1. I thought my clutch was messing up (wouldn't release). I replaced the master cylinder and while bleeding the system the pedal popped! I took it apart and the part around the tube was broken on one side and badly cracked on the other. I ground , hammered , welded and ground some more and fixed it. Is this a common problem? should i look into getting a new (newer) pedal? I welded the hell out of it so it's not going to brake in the same place but the pin thing that the clutch master cylinder hooks to is worn. Can you replace it? not sure if it comes out. Also the firewall around the master cylinder (clutch) flexes more then i like. Would welding some plate ( i have 1/8 and 1/4 on hand) over that area be a good idea? Nothing is cracked that i can see but there is a wire bundle just below going through the firewall.
  2. just got my new 4.5 lift spring (replacing my bent ones ) also ordered new upgrade spring perches and u bolts. i want to stay SUA that's why i got the new perches. i can just measure a 8.25 as the JY has a whole line of XJ's . if i get the commander axle i know i will have to cut the 4-link stuff off. Just need to go JY trolling.
  3. quick question seeing as i just bent my rear axle ............. ya for ice and deep ditches. if i get a Chry 8.25 or a aam 830 will my drive shaft still work or will it be to long / short????? also anyone know where i can get a short bed? complete hopefully.
  4. did a tire repair on a jeep commander the other day and got a good look at the rear axle, it's a beast what info i found says it's a American Axle & Manufacturing 830 (AAM830). said to be as strong or stronger then a dana44. anyone tried this swap? it's got disc brakes and a ELSD from the info i read.
  5. no i need to setup a photobucket and get a better camera but i will try to get it done this weekend
  6. I could use some advise on few problems bugging me lately. first i just replaced the A/C idler and smooth idler pulleys, using autozone parts. the pulleys all look the same size (A/C one was plastic ) but the belt is WAY loose. 102.5 inch belt what's the normal size for a MJ belt ( 4.0 87 ) using a 100 inch 6 rib now, but it's a bit small question #2 i have a problem spinning tires. i know i am under geared ( 285/65R18 stock 3.07 gears) but i need some weight in the back. i have my original front axle in the bed now ( needs lower control arm brackets) but i need my bed to haul stuff!! would adding a heavy rear bumper work? i got a place i can get big pieces of 1 in steel plate @ $0.35 a pound. would building a 200 or so pound bumper work? Thanks for any help van
  7. i work as a alignment tech and have for over a year.. Eagle is right the rear can't be adjusted, short of adjusting the thrust angle. you would have to shift the rear axle to do that and i don't know a shop that does that. looking at your sheet the thrust angle is fine.... better then my truck even..... your pull is most likely from 1) the difference between left and right camber the sheet shows .5 difference. in my shop we will not let more then .3 out the door. 2) if the tires are worn on the edges that can pull i am not sure about this last bit... but i know for some trucks you can get adjustable ball joints or off set ball joints. IF you can fine them i would get the off set for the right side and get one that's +.5 not sure if it helps but it's what i have learned over the last year Van
  8. Crown Automotive (33003934) Starter Relay who would have thought i could get MJ parts form amazon :cheers:
  9. i need to replace my starter relay. all the parts stores have is a relay with a bolt connector 2 blade connectors and one screw connector. every store has the same one and they all claim it's right. problem is the one in the truck has one bolt and 4 blade connectors is there a way to mod the wires to make the new one work? http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/bwd-relay-s102/20975728-P?searchTerm=starter+relay here is a link to the part thank van
  10. thank you !!!!!! just saved me a 200 mile road trip lol and $50 will go fishing in the local JY tomorrow
  11. Found a guy selling a dana 44A from a ZJ, 98 i think is this a good swap of not worth the time and hassle? guy wants $50 for it. is there any gears / lockers for it???? thanks for the help !!! not planing on going above 4.11 gears / 35's or on towing anything other then a light boat or work trailer vand
  12. going to get a 97-01 Cherokee 8.25 29 spline Monday from a junkyard. will i need to resize my drive shaft to fit? what years of liberty's can i get disc brakes from? is there anything i need to keep in mind for this swap other then bigger U bolts and spring perches?
  13. i have been looking for a dana 44 for a few months and haven't had luck. :( so i will start looking for a 8.25 the question i have is this i have 286\65R18 tires now ( 2 sets really ) that's about 32x11 or so. my goal is 35's one day. what's the best gears for that size range? i live in KY so i don't think there is a flat spot in the whole state. the people i talk to locally say 4.10's are good even for 35's. i have a friend that's a jeep \ off road nut, he's telling me 4.56 is the way to go. what's everyone thing? i would like to get muddy but i want to upgrade and regear frist. also will my rear drive shaft still work with a 8.25? i have 4.0 5 spd short bed thanks for any help!
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