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  1. Hey y'all does anyone know if the ECU is the same for an 86 2.5 renix as a 90 2.5? Jy guys it's different but I thought it was the same
  2. On flat ground? Do you remember what gear you used? And approximately how much distance did you need to get it up to speed?I always used first gear, never really had to get her rolling all that fast and yeah I could do it on flat ground, it worked fine in reverse too iirc
  3. The starter went out on me back when I owned a 90 comanche 2.5 liter 4 speed and I could roll start it pretty easily by myself
  4. Ok guys so ive changed the cps, fuel injector, tps, map and about half the vacuum lines now and still having problems. I'm completely stumped at this point, she's down to only running about 10 minutes before it cuts fuel and dies any other suggestions? Currently working on finding an o2 sensor to try
  5. Hey guys I think I'm having some problems with my tps on my 86 2.5 liter, was wondering if I could swap the whole throttle body off an 88 2.5 liter, would I be able to use the newer tps?
  6. Chance, 86 4x4 2.5 auto south of topeka ks a little ways, been down a few minimum maintenance roads but nothing extreme. Once I finally this old girl running reliable I'd love to go to some real trails
  7. Hate to revive an old thread... But I have the one year that none of the tips on this page seem to match, I have an 86 comanche 2.5 auto 4x4 that I've been having problems with and I believe I've narrowed it down to the tps, mine as I'm sure you know does not have 2 connectors, is there any other vehicles I could rob one off of to test and see if it is my tps that's causing me all this grief? Before I spend the 70 bucks to buy a new one
  8. Seeing as it's a Cat light I would assume it's 24v, especially being the older halogen style they switched to HID and LED when they started using 12v for the chassis wiring on cat equipment
  9. Update on the comanche, I've been driving it back and forth to work long as I don't shut it off I'm usually ok, it's not running rich anymore, went from 8 mpg to around 33, then back to the mid 20's, haven't had access to a fuel pressure gauge yet but I did find out that when it's all the way warmed up when it starts running bad and won't restart for several hours I'm losing spark, going to pull the cps tomorrow and clean it, and I plan on checking the ICU and the cps with a meter to see what they read
  10. Anything in particular I should look for? Did some GM cars use better injectors then others
  11. I may be interested in some parts depending how far of a drive you are from me, specifically the throttle body
  12. Making a run to the jy tomorrow, was wondering if the injectors from any other vehicle fit the 86 2.5 liter? Also do any other radiators swap in fairly easy?
  13. Super rich generally leads to the MAP sensor and/or it's vacuum source being wonky. I pulled the electronic plug off the map sensor and it immediately died, restarted it and pulled the vacuum line off which made it run like I'd pulled a plug wire off, the vacuum line had crazy suction on it too
  14. Thought I had the old girl running alright so I decided to make a run to the lake since the weather was so nice today. Discovered rather quickly that once she gets warmed up all the way, half hour or so, she's back to spluttering and running super rich, all the important vacuum lines look to be in good shape and I noticed that the fuel pump is making alot more noise than before, possibly because it's pumping so much fuel?
  15. Does any of this apply if you have the keys but the door won't unlock?
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