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  1. What do you mean, no need for a slip yoke when going spring over? I don't know how saggy your leaf springs may be in your truck, but with good springs you are moving your shaft outward in the ballpark of 2+ inches You are only going to have 1" of shaft in the tail housing without a sye. Drive line vibration is a definite possibility at this point, let alone the possibility of slipping the shaft out of the housing if you were flexed and pulling a rear axle against an object (rock comes to mind). There is no chance I would ever lift 4+ inches and not install an sye. May just be my opinion, but I feel as though I tend to do things that will save me problems in the future and possible broken parts.I'm not sure if you've ever seen the damage caused by a drive shaft coming loose at highway speeds? Might even roll you over!
  2. If you are planning on 33's and primary use being in the mud and snow, you would probably be happiest with 4.56's. I would not go any higher then 4.10's. It is really dependent on what you would like to spend. search through naxja classifieds and you might be able to locate a set of used 4.10 or 4.56 axles in your area. They are uncommon but some mj's with 2.5 motor and auto trans has 4.10's out of the factory but you are gonna be stuck with a dana 35 rear axle if you went that route. I would say you are best off to find a dana 44 rear, followed by a ford 8.8 if you were to want rear disc brakes. Like I said already, it's really dependent on what your looking to spend. Ideally I would run a minimum of 4.5 inches of lift to have 33's, you will need to install longer control arms, ideally adjustable control arms, to locate your front wheels centered in the wheel wells and properly adjust your driveshaft pitch. You will also need a drop pitman arm, an adjustable track bar with a drop bracket, I would install a steering box brace as well as a 1 ton steering setup if it were me. As far as the rear lift goes, either a set of lift leaf springs and upgraded shackles or convert to spring over axle. This being said, you are gonna need to install a slip yoke eliminator on your transfer case rear output as well as an extended drive shaft on the rear(go with an advanced adapters setup with a tom woods driveshaft) With 4.5+ inches of lift you will also have to replace your brake lines with braided, flexable lines as well as a new set of shocks all the way around. The sky is the limit, questions? Just search around or ask people, lots of knowledge here. Don't waste your money a junk lift kit and end up unhappy and buying a 2nd setup.
  3. both of the consoles have the screw hole under the 4x4 shifter undamaged but both of them, are cracked on the right side mounting hole, nothing a small washer wouldn't fix. Let me know if you are still interested.
  4. picking up a 12 pack to celebrate or mourn. hopefully celebrate.
  5. Gears is what you need. 3.07 with 31's is not in your favor. You are lacking the power in 5th, given changing gears will increase your rpm's at said 70mph, you probably need higher rpm's to be further into the torque and hp range that will allow for you to be in 5th at 70. I'd be surprised if you were turning more then 1800 or 1900 rpm. 3.55's would get you 200-300 rpm's. With 4.10's you'd be more in the range of another 600 rpm's. Putting you in the 2500 rpm range, which won't do anything good for fuel economy in a 4 liter but you should have plenty of power to cruise in 5th, while being well under 3000rpm.
  6. check out the link. Price for any comanche club member is $4000/ pretty firm on that . https://maine.craigslist.org/bar/5988654090.html. More pictures available for serious buyers, I can deliver it to anywhere in the US for a reasonable fee.
  7. I just had my second child so I am being forced financially to sell the truck in order to buy an extended cab pickup. I have a 91 comanche I am going to build once I get my finances back in order. If you PM me your email I will have my wife take some more pictures for you tomorrow.
  8. Could deliver if you were interested. https://maine.craigslist.org/bar/5988654090.html. $3500 for any comanche club member.
  9. I don't have a smart phone and don't know how to upload pictures. I can probably have my wife email some if you are serious about something I have. Trying to get together some money for my new front axle build. If prices don't seem fair, PLEASE let me know, make an offer, I'm not trying to ask eBay prices. All prices are plus shipping from bethel, maine 04217. 1989 4.0 liter, with 82k original miles, runs like a top, removed throttle body for another truck. $300/ Local pickup only 1989 AX-15 5 speed, from 4wd with 82k original miles. Good clutch, needs slave cylinder replaced. Will include, brand new in the box Timken slave cylinder. $150/ Local pick up only. 1989 NP231J, from 4wd, with 82k original miles $100/ Local pickup only 1987 dana 30 with 4.10 gears, posi-lock, swapped tj shafts with new larger u joints, wj outer knuckles. complete rotor or rotor. Good ball joints. $200/ Local pickup only. 2.5 liter battery box, like NOS condition. $30 4.0 liter battery box, like NOS condition. $30 Rusty's 4.5 inch coil springs, peeling paint. $75 Rusty's fixed lower control arms. $75 Sun visors, burgundy, cloth, one set is from a cherokee with a mirror, other set is plain. Both sets good condition. $20/set Sun visors, black, vinyl, one set. Good condition. $20/set Glove box doors with latches, burgundy, tan, blue and black, black and tan both have very minor weather cracking. $20/each Lower kick panels, black, one set. Good condition. $30/pair 5 speed mini consoles, no shift boots, black and tan. $20/each (Have 4x4 plates and filler plates for 2wd.) Right side dash bezel with heat vent, black, 2 available. $15/each Ash tray, black, good condition, empty. $15 Door sill plates, one set, good condition. $15 "Comanche" emblems, one set, fair condition. $10 Seat belts and receivers, grey, for bucket seats, belts are stained. $20/set 87 Brake booster with master cylinder, 2 sets, both good working condition, cleaned. $40 each 87 Emergency brake pedal, works excellent, spring is very tight. $30 87 ECU works as it should, with mounting bracket. Renix Only. $30 90 Temperature control unit, with air conditioning. $15 9 Volt plug / cigarette lighter, works good. $10
  10. Try having someone pull on the release handle while you climb under the vehicle and pull on the end of the e brake cable at the bracket, where the 2 rear lines should attach. If you are able to move the cable, try stepping on the e brake pedal, then repeat the earlier process. If this works then try to reattach the rear cables and use the brake. It may require some adjustment of the cables at the bracket or your rear cables could have issues. Just a place to start.
  11. Really standing on the brake pedal I think 4 times has reset the light. Brakes felt very good regardless of light being on. Had a feeling that there was something which would reset that indicator. Thank you.
  12. Checked that already. Light goes out if I pull the wire at the proportion valve. Goes back on when wire is reconnected.
  13. So a few weeks back i totally shredded a front wheel bearing and wrecked the stub shaft. When this happened, my brake indicator light on the dash came on. I just installed some junkyard shafts with 760 u joints and new hub bearing assembly. Calipers work, rotors and pads are good. I checked fuses and unplugged the wire at the proportioning valve and reattached it. Brake fluid level is good. Wondering if anyone might know of a way to clear up this issue.
  14. bump still looking, specifically for comanche rear brackets.
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