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  1. I know that I need new tires I also have a Manuel steering box with lots of play Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  2. So I need to get rid of this death wobble nut I already replaced my track bar and right rim... I'm broke and she is my dd. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk
  3. I thought 190 was. And 177000 and I don't think it has been changed I'm not sure
  4. I have a 1988 eliminator and my gauge keeps running at 210 to 215 replaced bottle water pump and thermostat. It's a closed system would open fix it? How do I do an open system cheap thank you
  5. i think its the c101 box i have troubles with it dying at idle and sometimes i just cranks forever and the fires and sometimes it sound like it wants to stall when driving
  6. i have a problem with my 1988 jeep comanche 4.0 4x4 whenever i get going over 45 and hit a bump it starts shaking wildly till i slow down then it goes away replaced balljoints and sway bar links
  7. this is a very amazing step by step but the main question i have is what did you use to hollow out the connector so you could still bolt it back together thank you
  8. the sender unit is broken in my 88 and i can't find another sender unit. what would you suggest?
  9. do they bolt right up? what do you all have to change?and is it true the 4.0 comanche needs a high pressure fuel pump?
  10. i found the problem the nipple or adapter on the fuel pump broke off but now i can't find just the fuel pump assembly. ive checked everywhere does anyone know what i can do? i also heard that the tank out of a 88 dakota will fit in it that way you can find a pump easier is that true? also i heard that the fuel pump in the 4.0 fuel injected has a high pressure fuel pump? thank you
  11. i have a 88 jeep comanche 4x4 with the 4.0 automatic and i filled the gas tank full till the nozzel kicked off i was driving back to work and it just died. tried restarting it and couldnt get it to fire but when i pushed it into a parking lot i tried it again and it fired and runs fine i looked at the wires and ect to the pump and it seems like fuel is splashing out from around the pump and seal. could it be too full and that caused it to die? help please don't want it to do it again thank you
  12. I'm also not sure how to post pictures

  13. how do you post a topic? I'm having problems with my comanche and would like to see what anyone would thing is wrong with it

  14. i jusy got a new comanche and I'm noy aure how to make an ardical

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