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  1. I apologize, I should have elaborated. I did intend to keep the frame intact, so maybe truggy wasn't what i was really going for. A very capable trail rig is more like it. I picked it up for $300, otherwise I'd feel the same way about hacking it up haha. Floor pans are rusted out, rockers are rusted, bed is rusted, frame is alright, not awful. I figured it'd be perfect. I'd like to keep the stock wheelbase. And 37's are as large as I'd go, for now. I don't know how to weld or fab (shame on me), but i know people who can. My budget isn't very high, more of a "build as i get money" kind of deal
  2. That looks great! It'd be a dream to build something like this
  3. Alright, so I'm new to the Comanche Club. I just picked up a POS 92' MJ with a 7' bed. Has the standard D30/D35 combo, 4.0, and a 5 speed manual trans. Needs a new crankshaft position sensor in order to run properly. I really want a dedicated vehicle just to take rock crawling, and I feel this is the perfect donor vehicle. I have a 2013 Jeep JK on 35's that I take to Rausch Creek Offroad Park (Tremont, PA), and it's also my DD. I can't afford to break anything serious, being as how I have no other vehicle to get to and from work. And I don't make a million dollars a year either, I just graduated high school in June of this year. So to finally get to the whole point of this intro, I want a truggy (wasn't sure if i made that clear enough). I'm only knowledgeable in JK's, so i only know the basics in MJ's. I'd like to start with axles. I heard a rear Dana 60 from a late 80's dodge pickup swaps in with no modifications (Fact or fiction?). Well, what about a front axle? I want matching widths, and I could care less if they're full width. Not looking to dump money modify the front axle to fit, but it seems to be almost inevitable. Would it be better to put a D60 in the front, or just D44? The next thing is that standard 6.5 inch lifts won't work with "new" axles (assuming, but you know what they say about that). I know I'll need to beef up the drivetrain as well. What transfer case does everyone recommend? I've heard no one can go wrong with a Dana 300. No short term plans for different motor or trans. Not opposed to the cliche Cummins 4BT/NV4500 combo, but one can only dream :yes:. All feedback is appreciated, but let's keep it civilized. I'm only a dumb teenager :thumbsup:
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