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    Have always wanted a Comanche but I have an Xj for now but maybe one day I will be able to have an MJ.

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  1. moparman82

    Mj Wanted

    Haha I'm in the Westminster area
  2. moparman82

    Mj Wanted

    I did look last night but not as much as I should have. Nice rig btw. I have to get more money before I can buy that but thanks for the offer.
  3. moparman82

    Mj Wanted

    I am looking for a Comanche. As of right now I have a 2001 xj and have always wanted an MJ but due to going to college and paying for it all by myself its hard. I would like to find a 87-91 Mj with a 4.0 and AX-15 4 wheel drive. Preferably drivable miles don't matter. I appreciate everyone's help.
  4. Sweet Comanche. I have been looking for one but haven't found what I wanted yet and I'm on a limited budget due to paying for college
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