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  1. Truck drives in 2wheel and drives in 4 high but 4 wheel drive is not engaged and when I put it in 4 low it won’t go at all.
  2. I will pick up bolts with a shoulder and have my guy dykum the gear on the starter to see exactly were we have contact .....thanks Aurelio
  3. I have a 86 long bed 2.8L and ever since I got it I have replaced 4 starters ,last week a used fly wheel in excellent shape and new starter and it still squeals when I stat it.Just adding shims did help a little.The engine I think came out of a dodge.I don't do the work myself but have a shop I take it to.Any ideas of what else could be causing this problem would be appreciated.......thanks Aurelio
  4. The new starter was junk,replaced it with a starter from auto zone and it works great now
  5. I have a 1986 comanche 2.8.l that had trouble with the ring on the fly wheel being loose and fixed that and put in a new starter , worked for awhile but now for some reason the starter turns but not engaging the fly wheel any Ideas to this problem ?.found out not enough voltage going to the starter now what....thanks aurelio
  6. I had a similar problem and someone installed the fuel filter near the carb in backwards.....
  7. I have the same problem but only when the engine heats up it wants to buck and kick once in a while cold it runs great.I took it in for a compression check and 5 cylinders were above 100 and one was 75.
  8. Want one with the longer bed 5speed manual 4x4 in very good condition do have a rough one now to throw in with cash. I live In north New Mexico 575 586 2496
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