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  1. will the carter P74155 work well for my 88 Comanche 4.0 if it need replacing? Also what fuse should I check before pulling the tank? The pump was working and now it is not so I want to check the fuse for the pump first then go from there. Thanks!
  2. Its an XJ just had a different front end so I wasn't sure. What size coil spacers would level the front end with the rear on a 2WD SWB 4.0?
  3. Can an 87 Jeep Wagoneer be used for a donor towards an 88 MJ? body and interior, motor and wiring harness compatibility in question.. Thanks
  4. is there a thread on stock specs of the MJ suspension? looking to find out if my stock TJ coil springs and control arms would work on the comanche and what else could possbile switch over? Also would 265/75R15 tires work on stock suspension without any problems? Thanks
  5. I am not sure what question you are trying to ask here. A solid $500 XJ is a pretty good find. Even if you only use the sheet metal, axles, doors, seats and console from it, you could probably part it and make your money back. It sounds like the XJ would work perfect as a donor rig to do the 97+ conversion. My recommendation for you is to enjoy your truck for the time being, sit back and read through the hundreds/thousands of awesome build threads here. Realize if you go down the 97+ conversion route you will be MJless for quite sometime. This fellow did the 97+ conversion at a lightni
  6. good info. may do that if a cherokee engine isnt found and but if not ill use a newer cherokee 4.0 sell my renix 4.0
  7. so could make it easier on myself and just fix/replace the steering column and steering wheel and the dash and gauges? then add in the center console and seats? I'm so new to the MJ world but don't want to pass up on the cherokee deal if its what I need for donor parts. Thanks
  8. new to this forum so my search failed. I have a TJ and know how to work the jeepforum page not this one. thanks
  9. anyone? need to know so i can purchase the cherokee asap! Thanks
  10. I just bought an 88 Comanche 4.0l 5spd 2WD SWB. I would like to update the front end and the interior. I have found a 1998 Cherokee classic; the body is in good shape but the engine is locked up. Will I need to find one with a good motor in order to swap dash out? I read where the wiring harness is needed in order to swap the dash and have it functional. Is that correct? will the newer harness work with my current 88 4.0? I would like to update interior (dash, seats, center console. My motor is running but needs a good tune up. The 98 Cherokee classic is $500 with blown motor but tranny, trans
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