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  1. Thank you guys so much for all of your help. I was able to track it down to the switch. I am working on getting the upgrades done to it from Cruiser's advice. After two days of fighting, I was able to get the ignition switch out, replace it because it looked like someone got in there before me and bent it all to $#!&. I replaced the lock cylinder for good measure and will be replacing the cap, rotor, coil, and ignitor in the next few weeks, especially as I go through the truck and catch up to Cruiser's stuff. I truly appreciate all of you who helped me. BTW, for those curious, when
  2. Ok, so I haven't been able to find issues yet. But today, the truck died and wouldn't crank at all. The three options I have come to are that it is A) the Crank position sensor, but won't it normally crank when it goes bad and just cut the spark? (anyone have pictures or good descriptions of how exactly to test the CPS with a multimeter? I have the cheapy from Harbor Freight, CEN something). B ) Ignition switch or wiring. But the only way I can think of that would cause it to die as it was running is if there's a connection in the switch or the key cylinder that would short out and cause the p
  3. So, it's just going to be a try and find it deal, I take it?
  4. It dies really suddenly with no warning. I have a multimeter somewhere, just no gauge in the truck. I also missed the question about which Comanche it is. It's a 1989 4.0 base model. auto trans. 4x4.
  5. See, that was my first thought, but I didn't think it would cause it to die after it had already been running. This truck has given me issues that I've never run into before...
  6. I don't have a voltmeter :( ... Nevertheless, it just doesn't turn the starter when I turn the key, like, no click, no wind, just absolutely nothing. If I let it sit a few minutes it will engage the starter and start right up. I was thinking faulty wiring somewhere, but it's so intermittent that it doesn't make sense (done it twice over three days). Eagle - Crank or Cam? And would that cause a cut to the power on the starter?
  7. So, driving home tonight the truck was running great until I was about 3/4 of the way home. Then the truck just randomly died. Lights stayed on, battery connections are solid, no engine code, just dead. Here's the weird thing. After it died, it took about five minutes and then it would start right up. BEFORE that five minutes was up, there was absolutely no power to the starter. No click, no grind, just nothing. My question to you guys is, what the hell could it be? I'm at a loss. I mean, POSSIBLY a ground wire, but then I would think it would kill the battery too and there would be no lights.
  8. I haven't tried anything yet beings I haven't identified the noise.
  9. Well, I've put 200 miles on it in the last couple days and I'm going to put another 150-200 on it tomorrow and there's no change so far in sound. Still no idea what this is, which may seem good, but it still makes me nervous (i.e. can break at any moment). Anyone have a line on relatively cheap engines? Or someone in Colorado know a place that has a good price on rebuilds?
  10. How could I check for the lifter? Also, I really appreciate all the help guys, I did get an offer on the truck I'd be stupid to not take, but if it's just the lifter, I may be stupid lol. In any event, I will be getting another Comanche at some point if I do sell this one, they're just cool!
  11. not there on startup. stays the same once warmed up. no noise under power.
  12. I'm using a Wix filter and I don't have a gauge to hook up to check oil pressure. I don't know if other Comanche's came with a pressure gauge, but mine's a base and just has basic lights, not even a temp gauge.
  13. Ok, so my brother couldn't see any issues with the flexplate either, all bolts tight. Should we assume that beings it fades when spark is pulled it's the rod bearings and due for a rebuild?
  14. I couldn't see anything, but I'm getting a second opinion from my brother tomorrow to be sure. If it isn't the the FP or TqC, should I drive it until/if it worsens or just leave it down until rebuild?
  15. Thanks guys. I'm going to climb under it later on today and hope that it's the TQ Converter or the Flex Plate. Another question I had was, I recently moved my exhaust around a bit trying to keep the driveshaft from smacking into the downpipe. I didn't hear any cracks or pops when I did this, but that doesn't mean much in cars, I know. Could the heating cycle have cause it to crack up by six and that's why the knock gets better with no spark? (i.e. no spark means no ignition which means reduced pressure coming out of the crack which means a lighter or less noticeable knock). Also, if it isn
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