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  1. Any reason why these wouldn't work? https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-12589-85832.aspx?origin=keyword They are less than half the price of the Crowns.
  2. First you will need to find out if the clutch engages Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk
  3. dboisen


    Met a fellow member over the weekend at the Verizon store in Omaha. Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk more. Would like to get in contact. Good job on offering me a card! Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk
  4. Napa bearings/hubs are made by Rayloc
  5. A few days ago I had advance order in a moog bearing. Had my doubts and went in to take a look at it today. It was the correct one. Part number 513107. Still not sure why any of the previous parts I tried didn't work. Might still give the manufacturer a call just to see what is going on. So I guess the moral of the story is to try all the brands. Thank you everyone for helping me be more informed on the axles and brakes! . :MJ 1: .
  6. Which is different? Did you take one of your rotors to NAPA to see if it will fit over their hubs? What do you mean by "their hubs will not fit inside their rotors"? My understanding has been that the differences are in the depth, or offset -- not the diameter. Somewhere I remember seeing a photo of two XJ hubs sitting on a table or a board, flange side down, and the difference in overall height was about a quarter of an inch or more.. I've never heard of a difference in diameter. What's the outside diameter of your hubs? No my rotor will not fit over their hub. The hub is catching on the flange, on the 3 mounting bolt holes. Not sure I can measure the diameter of this though.
  7. Well, I found out that it IS the original axle. I even took both rotors off just to make sure I wasn't missing something and they are the same. I have tried napa, oreilly, autozone, and advance auto. All of their hubs will not fit inside their rotors. I also made a stop at the dealer and spoke with the service and parts manager. The parts manager said he couldnt even get me a hub. The service manager said "just grind it off with an angle grinder". Napa gave me their manufactures phone number so I will give them a call on monday. Any other thoughts/ideas?
  8. Thats what I am thinking too. But Ive been to almost every parts store in town.
  9. I don't know what to think at this point. I will have to double check the axle and try earlier parts years. The hubs on rockauto are the only ones Ive seen listed with 3 generations. Maybe I will have to try there.
  10. Eagle, no I am not the original owner so I will have to look at the front axle again. It still doesnt make sense to me that an 89 hub and rotor won't fit when I had napa and o'reillys pull both, and put together on the counter. I was also looking on rockauto. Some of their hubs under 89 say they are generation 1, 2, or 3. What does this mean?
  11. So why am I not getting the correct part when I tell napa that it is an 89 4wd?
  12. Napa pulled up PGB PBR930040 and as far as I know, yes
  13. I'm trying to get a hub assembly for my 89. The local parts store gave me one but it catches on the rotor. I did a search on this but I am still confused. I gave napa all the correct information. They pulled a hub and a rotor for me and I tried putting them together on the counter and they wouldn't go. Also about a year ago I installed one on the passenger side and both of the part numbers are the same. I hope someone can explain this to me. Thanks!
  14. I will keep you in mind Jim. But unfortunately, I don't travel to Colorado that often haha
  15. 3 in one day is really good for around here. Comanche parts are pretty rare. I still need to find a bed
  16. That was me hahaha :waving: :waving: :waving:
  17. What part of Nebraska do you guys live in?
  18. Had to relocate my aftermarket cruise control. Also decided to keep the heater valve. (Not sure why) So I got one off a Dodge Caravan. Used a tank from a Cherokee and placed it where the old one was. Also went with the Moroso filler. Overall it worked out pretty well. Great solution to solve the renix "plastic under pressure" issue. And a good way to clean up your engine bay. Thanks cruiser for providing part numbers!
  19. dboisen

    Thank You

    Just hit 200,000 miles this evening on my 88 and it wouldn't have made it with out you guys! Thank You!
  20. cruiser do you happen to have the part number? My aftermarket cruise control is almost directly underneath the renix bottle. Thanks.
  21. The metal saddle that the filler is gonna fit in needs to be bent down a smidgeon. Parts just came in. What are you using for a recovery tank? The previous owner installed cruise control where I planned on putting mine.
  22. Looks like a clean setup. Does the Moroso 63745 go from 1.25" to 1.25"? Also why the 97 hoses?
  23. Nope we are not forced to use E10. Is This something I should avoid?
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