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  1. Ha, just to be on the level, I wasn't saying that I find anything offensive about it, I just never put two and two together until it hit me in the face (read the article) lol.
  2. http://jalopnik.com/who-thought-a-jeep-named-comanche-eliminator-was-a-go-576610241 Interesting... Still, props for having the comanche up on Jalopnik.
  3. So Update: Got the track bar off, the bolt was indeed welded in place like noted. Thanks. I really thought it would be more difficult to remove, but it came out with little fuss and a BFH. Now, the steering stabilizer....thats a different story. I cannot get the tie rod end out for the life of me, I actually had to give up on it last night. Thing is ridiculous.
  4. Hey does the dual diaphram booster you are using interfere with the clutch master cylinder? I see you have an AX-4, I myself have an AX-5. I would love to do this swap (as my booster is kaput) but I can only find ppl that have done the switch in an auto trans. Thanks.
  5. Do you have a pic, i could possibly use it! Thanks!
  6. Echostrike


    Tom 86 "Custom" 4x4 LWB...that is very slowly being rebuilt Dallas,TX I'm always down for a meet up/tech day/pow wow whatever.
  7. Man! not what I wanted to hear, but figured. Ha, I love in the FSM, it is just like: oh you know, just remove the bolt and nut..... not to mention the giant bracket around it!
  8. Yeah I've seen this tab on some of "bleepinjeep"'s videos, but I don't see it on mine...could not be looking hard enough. Hopefully I can just remove the bolt, without bothering about the nut. Anyone take off there height valve in the back? theres two bolts vertically into the underside of the frame, and one has a nut--how'd you remove it? ohhhhh Jeep!
  9. All- I just got my new track bar from rock auto, and I went under the truck last night to scope out installation--and could not understand how it is removed at the axle side? The photo in the manual I have states there is a bolt with a nut on the end, but I have no idea how to get to the nut, as it looks blocked in by a welded backet. On this note, the bed proportioning valve in the back has a similar circumstance with a bolt going up into the frame, with an inaccesible nut attached to the end. All help appreciated.
  10. When I bought the truck I got no console. The shifter is literally coming out of a hole in the floor--it is very sad. I'm looking for the whole enchilada, such as what is seen in the pic on this other wanted thread: http://comancheclub.com/topic/19781-wanted-manual-4wd-center-console/ Thanks!
  11. I am going to change out the studs this week...I'll chime in on how difficult the job is (it doesn't look like this truck was ever worked on/the torch haas been my best buddy with all the rust welds) Next Q (thanks all in advance) Shouldn't I have a coolant temperature sensor next to the thermostat here: ....And would said sensor hook up to this bad boy: Thats on the driver side of the engine bay, below the brake master cylinder.
  12. So I obviously need to replace that unit, any recommendations?
  13. NEW question: I am redoing the hard lines for the brakes right now, took off the front wheels and noticed that the wheel studs on the passenger side are an ok length (most the the long lugnut threads with the wheel on) but the driver side seems to be about 1/2 inch shorter...I'm telling you, with the wheel on the lugnut only spins about 3 turns before it is tight. It can't be more than a quarter inch threaded into the lugnut. What gives? why different lenghts on the same axle ? Thanks!
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