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  1. cool i was just checking my email and saw that a lot of my friends that owned toyotas and about two cherokees used RRO when i they purchesed lifts for their vehicles. the owner of this comanche that I'm looking at is holding the truck for me, when i asked him about he said that most of the miles was from being flat towed behind a camper and for extra $100 i can get the tow bracket and possiblly the bar with truck and he said the truck was getting about 30 mpg when he was using it but I'm skeptical about the claimed mpg
  2. thanks mmkyboy off the top of my head i don't think he mentioned anything about drop kits and control arms but he did mention a otr steering kit that came from RRO. is RRO control arms similar to the control arms off a wj or something i read about it in another post?
  3. ok just wondering because i found a soa,6in in total all around i think lift from them for sale by a friend of mine that brought it for his mj before he sold its still in the boxes.
  4. thanks for the feedback on rocky road mvusse here's the vin for the comanche I'm looking at 1JTWL6512GT182586 have pics just have to get them off my camera
  5. hey yall i was gonna get the vin sunday but the owner wasnt home at the time so ill have to get it next time I'm near it. Anybody have some opinions on rocky road suspenions for the comanche?
  6. ill post some pics of the one that is closest to me, which is the main one I'm looking at, when i go by to look at it again is there anyone on here that can get a history of the truck if i get the vin?
  7. thanks for the info shelbyluvv i didnt know that bit of info i guess thats given it hasn't been to long since i saw my first mj and when i did i completely forgot about the vehicle i when to see orignally. now I just have to wait for my blazer to sell so i can pick up a mj
  8. hello yall i might not get the afore metioned comanche in opt for one closer (less than a mile from my uncle's house) the new one is almost the same except its color, and rims/tires. the details year '86 2.8L engine ran out of oil but reportlly still runs, 5spd trans 4x4 believe its a longbed (getting vin this weekend for confirmation), the interior is good bed is good was flat towed behind a rv most of the time. only thing i got to sell my vehicle first because he's not accepting trades. found a junkyard 3.4L its cost was about $300.
  9. the vin came back invaild when i tried it
  10. thanks mnkyboy ill keep a eye out for one when i go to the jyard and ill check the other jeeps there over again for good measure.
  11. i think there are some 3.4l engines that run at a local junkyard but not sure what vehicles did they come in? so Ill know what to look for when I go next time the junkyard manager already thinks I'm crazy since ill just go and walk around the yard and take pics of old rusted vehicles lol
  12. thanks for the info think it might be possible to get moeny on top of the swap since my blazer is running and his is running but has a bad knock? about how much does a 4.0l and a possible transmission/transfercase upgrade cost? and a gm 3.4l cost?
  13. is a 4.0l swap be done on a low budget was thinking of a small diesel in the future when i get the money for it since the diesel swaps run a couple of grand
  14. update the truck's vin is 13TWL6576GTO15474 its a 86 2.8L model X 4x4 5 spd long bed
  15. thansk for the response 87manche1 il double check with the owner about the year model but I'm leaning to get it anyways and as a side note for those who want to know fish in a empty bucket in a suv= it smelling like fish for a week or 2 learned this the first week i had it hope it gives yall a laugh :)
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